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12 Habits Of The Most Productive People | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

You know those super-productive people who manage to get more done than the rest of us? These are their secrets.

Some people just get stuff done. By the time most are pouring their second cup of joe, these super-achievers have been to Crossfit, hit inbox zero, and nailed the rough draft of that report due next week.

url: http://www.fastcompany.com/3057350/how-to-be-a-success-at-everything/12-habits-of-the-most-productive-people/1

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Working Late Night

I have this poor habit of falling asleep after dinner. I'll be working on some code and i need to work some idea out in my head. So i go lay down. Zonk, i'm out. Tonight i happened to wake up at 11pm. So i'm back at work.

Work tonight means finding a way to inject <options/>s into a form after submitting a subform. For example let's say you filling in a book review form. It has a drop down to select the book. But the book isn't there yet. So you click on a link, fill out another form, and return a handle to that book.

We'll see how this idea pans out in practice.

PS This new site i'm working uses TrickleUp as a framework, so i ocassionally modify this site's code. If you notice anything looking bustemajid, just let me know.

Home Early

tags: work, commute

Wow it's 4:50pm and i'm home. Would you believe that? Well it's amazing to me as a commuter that usually gets home at 6:30-7:00.

I've been pretty tired from getting to work early (6:30, 7:30) the past two days. But i'm trying not to take a nap.