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The Secret Startup That Saved the Worst Website in America - The Atlantic

Rohan Bhobe, a member of the Marketplace Lite team, works on Healthcare.gov in December 2014

Loren Yu was on a weekend trip in Los Angeles when he received an urgent email from a friend. The friend, Kalvin Wang, had a proposition.

"If your response isn’t ‘no way,’ then we should talk ASAP, like tomorrow," Wang wrote.

At the time, Yu was working for an education startup in New York called SkillShare. SkillShare had two technical employees. Yu was one of them. Wang’s proposal would take him away from the young company, but...

url: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/07/the-secret-startup-saved-healthcare-gov-the-worst-website-in-america/397784/

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W3C mobileOK Checker

This checker performs various tests on a Web Page to determine its level of mobile-friendliness. The tests are defined in the mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 specification. A Web Page is mobileOK when it passes all the tests. Please refer to the About page for more details.

url: https://validator.w3.org/mobile/

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mobi ready logo

Receive in-depth analysis & recommendations straight into your inbox to share with your team.

View all improvements and benchmark your web presence against your competitors.

Request access to the mobiReady API to expose our tools in your own environment.

url: http://ready.mobi/

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Crappy bank website

tags: bank, website
I bitched out my bank twice today for having a crappy website and poor single sign on. They can't arbitrarily close my account, right?

Tagging Status Report

100 posts to go

Tagging Status Report

I'm tagging every post to my site. Got 164 posts to go, mostly comments.

Lisa, My Girlfriend

I guess we started going steady when i asked her if i could host her web site and she said Yes. :P We've been seeing each other for over a month. Beside the basics we continue to see that we're just right for each other.

It's nice that i can use musical terms like chord inversion and syncopated rhythm and know that Lisa completely understands me.

She says i make her giggle. I hardly think it's me. It's her positive nature that makes her fun to be with.

We're also getting into completing each other's sentences. Mark was a witness recently.

Your Site

When i'm home for Thanksgiving, we should work on your site http://michael.derocher.org. We can give it all the features of this site with it's own style.
I wrote all the software that runs this site. It's called TrickleUp. It has most of the features of common blog software sites, including posting articles, allowing comments, trackbacks. It also has some features that you won't find in others, like recursive comments (I'm commenting on your "comment" not my article), polls, restaurant review, movie reviews, and full customization.
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Trip to NY

I'm going to Selden, NY to visit my family. It's been a while since i've seen my dad and brother. I'm gonna encourage them to build their website.

The funny thing is, my dad and his brother are visiting their father today.

If i have some free time, i would like to continue my work on this site. I wasn't very happy with one solution to the duplicate author problem. Instead of reading author info and giving a cookie, i may refrain from providing the form, until they get their cookie. Although that presents a problem for newcomers. Ok I'll go with Celeste's suggestion.

Website Arhives Found

Wow, i found archives of my old website.


I just spent the last few hours reading a new fascinating blog called Homespun. Being a single math geek, i was hooked when i read about Nash's Equilibrium, Pascal's Wager, and of course thoughts on dating.

Her blog is mostly about philosophy and dating, but also includes politics, cooking, and other life events. It's nice to see a blog with substance, and man can she write!

Having a general interest in philosophy, i took the classes like philosophy of science, philosophy of language, and cognition and perception. But i'm mostly interested artificial intelligence, automata, and computability.

Her was so interesting that i think i'm gonna redirect my efforts here on this website. Instead of building the site itself (ie. the software), i'll write more content, more articles, review, polls, thoughts, etc. I'll open topics on my perspectives, a topic i was trying to ignite on Politics & Minutae. This is the material i'd like to bring to this site: what it means for me to be a Democrat, and how i break with rank and file, my thoughts on the beginning of life, the end of life, and everything between. I may even write about what i consider non-life matters.

Other than that, more technical articles would be ok, like why i think OOP is better than procedural, why IM is better than IRC, and why i select Debian. The "article" i'll start with will be my most recent work, namely this entire site, TrickleUp. I'm sure you want to know the deal about all these flashing boxes. Well it's about function, not form.

Butterfly Effect, Program Iterator, Flower

Mark, Michael, and i saw The Butterfly Effect last night. And it raised the question (n.b. i didn't say "begs the question) about what would be the long term general effect if a past event was changed.

More on that later; somehow we got onto the topic of programming. I think i mentioned with a little game theory you can make small predictions. Then i claimed that it's possible to iterate through all runnable computer programs. Mark retorted it's a very difficult challenge. Well i've started work on a new project.

This project has more to do than responding to Mark's challenge. Since this project will build the abstract syntax tree (AST) from a program, i can use that as part of my Flower Project

Haven't heard of the Flower Project? I want to put a flower on my webpage (or some other space). This flower or flower garden will model the attributes and behavior of a flower to a fine detail. It will have color, stem length, branching factor, number of petals, shape of leaves, shape of petals. Behavior will be implemented by a set of instructions. Finally you can cross the flower by mixing their attributes and mixing their instructions. It will use a genetic algorithm.


tags: Dad, Rich, website

I build a website for my Dad.

Website Address

tags: website, address, www
Other addresses still work like www.derocher.org/ and www.derocher.org/~brian/.
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Website Split

I split my website into two. On www.derocher.org i will place all things that are not Brian-related. My personal website will be at www.derocher.org/~brian/. Likewise i hope to create personal pages for the rest of my family.

I created a Family Tree web app in the Family section of DeRocher.org.

Spent some time cleaning my Inbox. I proudly got it down to 16 messages.