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Delray Neighborhood Weather - Alexandria, VA Current Weather Conditions

tags: weather, Del Ray

Station Location 38° 50.02' N, 077° 03.93' W, Altitude 151 feet

Meterograms are like weather cardiograms. They are produced from the NWS Global Forecasting System (GFS) and are specific for Alexandria and Arlington. I use Meterograms all the time to do my forecasts. They're easy to read so take a look.

url: http://www.delrayvaweather.com/

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NWS and My Radar Rotoscope

NWS radar before and after rotoscope-like process

I found this new National Weather Service website which is their next generation radar display. It's using OpenLayers. They don't have a nice interpolated image like Weather Underground. So i wrote a 90 line PHP script which is in my opinion rotoscope-like.


Watts Up With That?

watts up with that logo earth from space

I’m a former television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air and who also operates a weather technology and content business, as well as continues daily forecasting on radio, just for fun.

Weather measurement and weather presentation technology is my specialty. I also provide weather stations and custom weather monitoring solutions via www.weathershop.com (if you like my work, please consider buying a weather gadget there, StormPredator ...

url: http://wattsupwiththat.com/

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Snow on the way!

tags: snow, weather
snow for 2009 Dec 18 The hourly weather chart from weather.gov says it all.


Based on a numerical weather model, Clear Sky Charts are perhaps the most accurate and the most usable forecasters of astronomical observing conditions for over 1900 observatories and observing sites in North America.

url: http://cleardarksky.com/

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Welcome to La Crosse Technology

La Crosse logo Founded in 1985, we are a multinational company with a small-town philosophy of servicing our customers to the highest level. Our consumer electronics products include radio-controlled clocks and watches, wireless weather stations, power monitors, and other measuring devices. We introduced radio-controlled clocks to the US market in 1991 and continue to be on the cutting edge of this technology in America.

url: http://www.lacrossetechnology.com/

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Weather Connect

Weather Connect logo WeatherConnect carries a large selection of full-featured professional weather stations including the Vantage Pro2 from Davis Instruments. Monitor weather conditions such as wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature and humidity, and wind chill at any time of the day! For those looking for weather instruments on a smaller scale, we carry the full line of home weather instruments from Oregon Scientific, La Crosse Technology, Taylor Instruments, and many other manf...

url: http://www.weatherconnect.com/

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Weather shack

Weather Shack logo By simply mounting a cabled or wireless outdoor sensor, our full line of cabled and wireless weather stations and wireless thermometers can provide a wealth of information about the weather just beyond your door. Whether you're looking for something simple or complex, these weather instruments are sure to fit the need. Home weather stations also make a fantastic gift! Have you visited us before? See all of our latest New Products on one page!

url: http://www.weathershack.com/

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Weather Stations at the Weather Hut for forecasting and monitoring the weather

the Weather Hut logo Our Weather Station Store compares and contrasts model differences to help you choose. We have a complete range from desktop weather forecasters to full weather centers that include rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and pressure tracking. Most use wireless sensors for easy setup, though cabled options are available too.

url: http://www.weatherhut.com/

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Weather Stations at AmbientWeather.com

Ambient Weather logo Ambient Weather has been serving customers on the internet since 1998. Ambient Weather is the market leader in weather station and environmental monitoring instruments. We also offer over 110,000 different products on our website, including consumer electronics, media, personal safety and home improvement.

url: http://www.ambientweather.com/

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Oregon Scientific

Orgegon Scientific logo Founded in 1989, Oregon Scientific is headquartered in Tualatin; a quaint suburb of beautiful Portland, Oregon. Nestled amongst other Northwest technology giants, it is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading designers and marketers of upscale personal electronics.

url: http://www.oregonscientific.com/eng/

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Colors Based on Time

The colors on my website are now a function of time. The header background color is based on the day of the year representing the seasons and and body background color is based on the hour of the day.

I've had this idea for a very long time and finally i've implemented it. How did i do it you ask? My stylesheet is dynamically generated using PHP.

There's still some work to do. First, the color of text much change along with the background color. Second for the season colors, i need something like white for Winter, green/yellow for Spring, orange/red for Summer, and brown/gray for Autumn. The colors need to fade from one to the next. Third, other parts of the web page need to be included.

Another feature i'd like to add is modifying the colors based on the weather at the time. I've seen this done on Dunstan's Blog.


As it turns out, the hurricane hardly affected us.
parent post: Hurricane Delight, Linux 2.6.7 Compile Problem
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Hurricane Delight, Linux 2.6.7 Compile Problem

I'm looking forward to some wonderful stormage. I'm fascinated by this rare wrath of Mother Nature.

Since linux doesn't yet support the on-board sound card in the G5, i decided to move the unused card from Two to Three.

When i recompiled the kernel -- the same one that currently running, 2.6.7 -- it fails with an error: Unrecognized opcode: lvx, among others. Tonight, yes TGIF, i plan to thouroughly debug the problem... No sleep 'till Brooklyn (plays on my computer).