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DeRocher Visit Photos

Here's a new photo album of my Dad and Grandpa's visit to DC. We went to 3 places (poor grandpa), the Postal Museum, the Navy Memorial, and the American Museum of Natural History.

Dad and Grandpa Visit

As i write this, i'm snacking on Tic Tac's; one of my mom's favorite. I just stole them from her car (thanks Mom). Dad's down here, visiting me, after picking up grandpa in PA. We just got back from a nice dinner at Houston's.

Before meeting up for dinner, they went downtown to the memorials. Grandpa was looking forward to seeing the new World War II Memorial. They found a registry and started looking up DeRochers. Amazingly they found a large handful. Grandpa said some of them are his uncles.

Tomorrow we're going to NASM Udvar-Hazy Center.