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Vector tiles from OpenStreetMap and OpenData – OpenMapTiles

OpenMapTiles logo

OpenMapTiles provides the fastest way how to setup custom styled world maps with open-source software. In a few minutes, you can have your own OpenStreetMap tileserver - ready for use in your websites or products.

Just download the pre-generated tiles and get started

The project turns the publicly available OpenStreetMap data into ready-to-use packages containing vector tiles for the whole planet, individual countries and major cities.

url: https://openmaptiles.org/

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Built on D3.js

Raw is an open web app to create custom vector-based visualizations on top of the amazing D3.js library through a simple interface.

url: http://raw.densitydesign.org/

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Vecto - Simple Vector Drawing with Common Lisp

arc image

Vecto is a simplified interface to the powerful CL-VECTORS vector rasterization library. It presents a function-oriented interface similar to CL-PDF, but the results can be saved to a PNG instead of a PDF file. Since Vecto and all supporting libraries are written completely in Common Lisp, without depending on external non-Lisp libraries, it should work in any Common Lisp environment. Vecto is available under a BSD-like license.

url: http://www.xach.com/lisp/vecto/

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