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National Intelligence Council - Global Trends

Global Trends - Paradox of Progress

We are living in paradox - industrial and information age achievements are shaping a world both more dangerous and richer with opportunity. Human choices will determine whether promise or peril prevails.   Global Trends is the Intelligence Community’s major assessment of the forces - and choices - shaping the world over the next two decades. National Intelligence Council’s latest edition of the report, Global Trends "Paradox of Progress" was released Jan 9, 2017.

url: https://www.dni.gov/index.php/about/organization/national-intelligence-council-global-trends

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What's Your Major? 4 Decades Of College Degrees, In 1 Graph : Planet Money : NPR

Planet Money

In honor of college graduation season, we made a graph. It answers a few questions we had: What is the mix of bachelor's degrees awarded today, and how has the mix changed over the past several decades?

Hover over the graph to see how the popularity of each category changes over time. Click or tap to see a category individually.

url: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2014/05/09/310114739/whats-your-major-four-decades-of-college-degrees-in-1-graph?ft=1&f=93559255

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StatOwl.com - Statistical analysis and market research of Internet usage trends

owl logo

Put the power of StatOwl.com to work for your site! If you like the reports and analysis capabilities of our site, please consider signing up for an account. View our demo or read the Account Benefits section on the right-side of this page to learn more.

url: http://www.statowl.com/index.php

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Hopper - When to Fly and Buy

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Hopper was named the best travel app of 2015 by Apple Download it now.

url: https://www.hopper.com/

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GCTS - Global Christianity - Status of Global Mission, 2008, in the Context of 20th and 21st Centuries

table of population since 1800 through today for each major religion

url: http://www.gcts.edu/ockenga/globalchristianity/resources.php

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