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The Virginia Public Access Project

General Assembly Bills The nonprofit Virginia Public Access Project connects Virginians to nonpartisan information about Virginia politics in easily understood ways. VPAP was founded in 1997 on one simple premise: Because Virginia's ethics laws rely on disclosure, it is imperative that citizens have easy access to public documents related to money in politics. VPAP is fiercely nonpartisan. It has no dog in any political fight. Its singular focus is to give Virginians the information...

url: http://www.vpap.org/

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Legislative Information System > 2017 Session

Developed and maintained by the Division of Legislative Automated Systems.

url: https://lis.virginia.gov/

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Waffle.io ยท Work Better on GitHub Issues

waffle issue board

You already open source your code, so why not open source your process too? Everyone can see your public Waffle board, so go on and show the world what you're working on. Make it easy for contributors to know what's ready to work on next by adding a Waffle badge to your GitHub README, or embed a throughput graph to highlight recent activity on your project.

url: https://waffle.io/

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CyclePhilly logo sharrow

CyclePhilly is a smartphone app for recording your bicycle trips. Data from the app can be used by regional transportation planners in the Philadelphia area to make Philly a better place to ride.

url: http://www.cyclephilly.org/

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TOSBack | The Terms-Of-Service Tracker

TOSBack logo

TOSBack is a collaboration between the EFF, the Internet Society, and ToS;DR. Every day, we check the Terms and Policies of many online services to see if any of them have changed. The project is currently in beta as we are working on some improvements to ensure greater reliability and coverage. For now, please double check any results with the website operator before relying on them for important legal or journalistic purposes.

url: https://tosback.org/

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Docracy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Tracker - Changes

diff icon

Using Docracy's unique document change analysis, we are now tracking terms of service and privacy policies for hundreds of the world's top sites. See below for summaries of recent changes, or to see the complete terms for any of the sites we track.

We started tracking these policies on January 16th, 2013. Earlier versions of selected policies can be found on EFF's TOSBack and TOSBack2 projects.

url: https://www.docracy.com/tos/changes

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Online Privacy | Proxy | Disconnect

Disconnect Your personal info should be your own. But today thousands of companies invisibly collect your data on the Internet, including the pages you go to and the searches you do. Often, this personal data is packaged and sold without your permission.

url: https://disconnect.me/

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traineo | Fitness & Weight Loss Community

traineo logo

Our mission is to create the most effective health and fitness community on the web by combining the latest software technology with sound information and services from the world's leading health and fitness experts.

traineo is the culmination of over six years of development, testing and focus group studies in partnership with leading experts in weight loss, health, sports and fitness.

url: http://www.traineo.com/

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On providing software feedback

I've been using Nagios at work to monitor services across the network. Yesterday's upgrade failed. After fixing that i had some wishes for Nagios that i wanted to pass on. So my question for everyone is do i as (let's pretend i'm) a beginner speak to Debian where i got the software, or directly to Nagios?

On a philosophical note, i've thought about this a bit. I get my software directly from Debian. And Debian gets it from upstream, say Mozilla. Now as an experienced Debian user, i know which bugs are application bug and which ones are packaging bugs. But does the beginner or novice know this? Should they know this? I don't think so. Keeping it simple for the software user would be having a central location where they can provide feedback on software. And it makes sense that this is the place where the they got the software.

Unfortunately this line of thinking implies more work for packagers, namely reading more submissions, evaluating them, and passing some or most of them upstream. In this light, Debian becomes a virtual user of the upstream software. Debian forwards bugs on behalf of the user to upstream.

I'm curious to know if this sort of forwarding communication is built into the Debian structure. I guess not since software providers have various bug reporting interfaces. It would be cool if there Debian could forward bugs to any Bugzilla repository.