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Long Drive

tags: travel, Selden, sushi

After a grueling 8 hour drive, i'm safe in NY. I picked up sushi for dinner from the only place i know around here. They didn't have toro (fatty tuna)... fine. But would you believe they didn't have hamachi (yellow tail)? A restaurant review is pending.

Pictures of Tayo and Sushi

I uploaded some pictures to the gallery. There's a new album with Tayo's Wedding Celebration and my last two attempts at sushi making.

Maki Sushi

tags: cooking, sushi

I made maki sushi tonight for the first time. Thanks to a bambo roller from Mom, i stuffed nori (seaweed) with salmon and asparagus. Here's a picture.

Also i made a trip to Rodman's Gourmet to pick up pickeled ginger and miso soup. I knew they had sake, but to my surprise they had sake containers and glasses.

Tonight's Dinner: Sushi, Tonight's Cook: <b>Me</b>

tags: cooking, sushi, salmon

Having a craving foor sushi, and wanting to pay 2.00$ per nigiri, i decided to make some myself. I made sake (salmon).

The rice was already cooked. I stopped by a seafood store in Bethesda to pick up a pound of salmon fillet. I was so hungry i didn't spend much time on preparation. Read: My neta weren't rectangular and the rice was irregular.

How did it taste? It was great!! Guess what i'm having for dinner tomorrow.

At a restaurant 12 sake is 24$. Tonight's sushi costs: 6$.

Yes i'm feeling ok (so far).

Debian on G5, Sushi

I'm taking another stab at installing Debian GNU/Linux on my G5. The last attempt failed because SATA kernel modules weren't loaded. Even after loading them manually, the device files didn't exist.

Went out last night to downtown Bethesda with Mark. We got a late dinner at Raku. I'm finally learning the Japanese names for sushi. Nigiri are the ones with seafood over rice. Maki are the rolls. I had saba (mackeral) and Sake (salmon).

Drunk on Sushi

tags: sushi

Ugh, i don't feel so good; not becuase sushi is raw fish, but because i ate 26 pieces of it! I'll be back later.