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Summer Robotics Camps - Robot Works, Llc - Burke, Va

tags: camp, kids, robot
RobotWorks Robot Works, LLC, is a small business specializing in HANDS-ON science and engineering. We focus on robots and we teach K-12 students how to design, build and program robots using the engineering design process. We use robots because they are hands-on and they touch all STEM subjects. Hands-on activities engage students in the learning process, motivates them to learn, and fosters creativity and teamwork. Students gain knowledge through experience.

url: robotworksacademy.net

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Meet the Most Hilarious (and Worst) Robot Designer Ever | GOOD

tags: woman, builder, robot

It’s become a YouTube genre—those videos of awe-inspiring (and often terrifying) robots that run like a cheetah, scamper across ice, or jump like a sand flea.

But one robot designer makes some not-so-great robot helpers. “I’ve been building robots for two years now, and the thing I like about them is that they are very easy to control. That makes me sound like a terrible person,” says Simone Giertz, whose hilarious videos of her creations ...

url: https://www.good.is/articles/bad-robot-design

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Ozobot | Smart Toy Robot

tags: toy, small, robot, STEM
4 small robots

With creative play as endless as a child’s imagination, one game at a time.

Empower your child to embrace the future and become a maker of technology, not just a user. Computer science is child’s play as adventures, games and codes become as easy as laughter, when your child connects with their own power of creation.

url: http://ozobot.com

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