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I felt like going downtown for an indie movie and luckily the Landmark Theater was playing Steamboy. Friends say it's somehow related to Ghost in the Shell. I'm not sure how, but i don't follow anime, just watch it. My review is below.

This movie was almost great. I like the overall theme of science. However i would have like to see more science then hear them blabber it numerous times.

The question the movie pitches is, what is science good for? Should it benefit your nation -- used to build weapons -- or your world?

I like how Steamboy demonstrates people having grand dreams and fulfilling them. More background on the characters would have been nice. I was a bit confused about Eddy Steam's perspective. Was he wacky or not?

Every time Robert Stephenson was mentioned, i was reminded of Robert Louis Stevenson.

I like how this movie is set in pre-industriall London. I personally have a fasination with simple machines, especially the mathematics of gear ratios and transmissions. An excellently illustrated book is A History of the Machine by Sigvard Strandh.

Alias Review

Mark and i did our Alias homework by reviewing last season's finale. It's tought to remember who's alive, who's dead, who's alive again. For those who don't remember this is how it ended.

  1. Lauren poses as Sydney and steals the Ramboldi formula.
  2. Sark gets caught. Vaughn goes after Lauren.
  3. Katya stabs Vaughn.
  4. Sydney goes after Lauren.
  5. Vaughn breaks out of the hospital and goes after Sydney.
  6. Vaughn kills Lauren. Lauren breaths out 1026.
  7. Sloane contacts Nadia. Nadia tells him she knows the true coordinates of the Rambaldi artifact.
  8. Sydney inspects papers in deposit box 1026.
  9. Jack appears and says, "You were never supposed to know about that." (project Christmas?)