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Hmm.. that kindof sound like a project Mark and I discussed ages ago. The most difficult is just taking the receipt and adding the items that way instead of having to actually scan each item. The two hurdles you speak of, nutritional information and weight, arnt as difficult as the receipt problem. Once information about a product is entered..
.. it doesnt need entered again unless there is a significant change in its ingrediants. Weight can be done when preparing the meal, and when cooking with a recipe, is usually done. The weight issue is hardest when you grab things a-la-carte like a handful of chips or a spoonful of hummus. There have been reserach projects of having RFID-enabled refrigerators that can keep track of items (with RFID tags) in stock. You would still have to manually compute the weight any time you used a recipe or grabbed a snack. Interesting idea.. the biggest hurdle is making it transparent and easy enough for someone to use without feeling overwhelmed by another technology. Welcome to human-centric design.
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