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This Week in Science

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Widely regarded across the western half of the universe as one of the premiere centers for the study of sentient life in the cosmos, the Institute for Comparative Cultural Xenology regularly funds missions to numerous fledgling planetary civilizations, fulfilling its charter to further understanding, diversity, cultural exchange, and peace across the stars. Despite this, the Institute still decided to send the intergalactic tricksters Kirsten and Justin, to Earth.

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Digital Audio Broadcasting

The member newsletter from WAMU brings to my attention that the FCC has authorized digital audio broadcasting (DAB).

It's about time. I've been wondering about this for a while.

Also they ignore the broadcast flag issue.

In other news the Copyright Royalty Board has set rates for Internet simulcasts which will affect non-commercial radio such as SomaFM.

Thankfully NPR is fighting back.

What About Digital Radio

I was just thinking the other day. We are moving from an analog world to a digital one. Here are some examples: type writing to word processing, cellphones, television, LPs to CDs, circuit switched to packet switched networks, voice to VOIP. So why is it that AM/FM radio is still analog?

With error correcting algorithms i think the reception of radio would be much clearer. (Error detection is not good enough, since the radio will never ask the broadcaster for a retransmit.)

Error detection and correction is based on the work of Galois [1], who invented finite fields and branch of abstract algebra. Here's a good worksheet.

  1. Did you know that Galois died at the age of 20 in a duel?