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Track Trump. The First 100 Days

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Donald Trump has made many statements about his plans. Below are the concrete items from Donald Trump's Contract with the American Voter, which contains his promises for his first 100 days. Here, we will track fulfillment of those promises, and update it daily during the initial 100 day period. Learn more

url: http://www.track-trump.com/

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Edward Bramanti - Are you serial, Promise.all?


About a month ago, I came across an interesting problem at work where a database migration with Knex was not working properly. An example similar to the actual problem is shown below:

The first promise renames a table from tomatoes to potatoes. The following promise adds the string column name to the newly renamed table potatoes. While there may seem to be nothing wrong here, this code resulted in an error, saying the table potatoes did not exist.

url: https://bramanti.me/are-you-serial-promise-all/

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Trump campaign promise tracker - Washington Post


It’s day of the Trump administration with days left in his term. We’re tracking the progress of 60 pledges he made during his campaign — and whether he achieved his goals.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump made more than 280 promises, though many were contradictory or just uttered in a single campaign event. But on Oct. 22, Trump issued what he called his “Contract with the American Voter.”

url: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/trump-promise-tracker/?tid=a_inl

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