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rocket boilerplate logo A curated directory of boilerplates to help you start your projects!

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bkeepers/stop-trump: a list of public projects on GitHub resisting the Trump administration

A list of public projects on GitHub tackling immigration, civic engagement, fair media, civil rights, or general resources on resisting the Trump administration.

url: https://github.com/bkeepers/stop-trump

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Waffle.io ยท Work Better on GitHub Issues

waffle issue board

You already open source your code, so why not open source your process too? Everyone can see your public Waffle board, so go on and show the world what you're working on. Make it easy for contributors to know what's ready to work on next by adding a Waffle badge to your GitHub README, or embed a throughput graph to highlight recent activity on your project.

url: https://waffle.io/

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Good Morning

Hi and welcome to NewHour for Wednesday August 31st. In today's news: Brian Travels to St. Louis, the Calendar Website, and the Quick Commute

Brian Travels to St. Louis

Lisa organized her parent's 40th wedding anniversary and invited me to the midwest. It was a good trip; a little hectic, but good. We didn't have much time for sight seeing, but i enjoyed the company and got to know her parents.

Sunday morning Lisa got me up, despite my cursing, for a long run. 3.5 miles is the longest i've ever run. She continued for 6.5 more miles, a short run for her. In the last quarter mile my right foot became tingly with pins and needles. Since then i've had some pain, but nothing too bad. It's not inflamed, so don't tell me to ice it. Besides i hate icing.

the Calendar Website

I've been working very hard on a new website. It's a calendar for my friends and i to promote events, show our interest in attending this events, and integrate our schedules with our normal calendar software (eg. Sunfire, PDA calendars, Outlook). I've had many, too many, good ideas and my fingers are typing as fast as they can. I'm not going to post the URL yet, because i don't want to be inundated with demands for features that don't exist yet, but will. If you have an interest in helping me with this site, contact me.

The Quick Commute

My commute both yesterday and today were zippy and i think i know why. After crossing the American Legion Memorial Bridge southward, i was surprise to see how fast traffic was flowing. This is usually where it's worst. The bridge itself does not cause congestion, but the exit ramp for Rt. 267 does. The right lane is backed up for a mile. The second lane from the right get backed up too from drivers trying to cut in. Today i noticed that construction is complete. The second lane has been added. There was no backup like usual. This saved 10 minutes from my 40 minute commute.

Non-idled CPU and Maximizing Profit

I'm finally putting my computer to the work it can do. Instead of sitting around idle, the CPU -- well one of them -- is at maximum load. I wrote a program to pick which items i should build in WoW, given all the items i have, and recipes i know.

It's not that intelligent. Basically it uses a brute force approach. But just like this even 40 items in my bag would take 8 minutes to run.

Then i realized i was solving the same sub-problem more than once. For example let's say that with the items, say 13 copper bars, you have you can build an axe, a mace, a sword, a dagger, and a ring. First you choose to build the axe, which requires 6 copper bars. Assuming you built the axe, from the items you have left (7 copper bars) let's assume you can build a sword, a dagger, and a ring. There isn't enough copper to build a mace (8 copper bars). You first pick the sword (4 copper bars) and build it. Now you have even less resources (3 copper bars). Let's say all you can build is 3 rings. So it's important to remember that with 3 copper bar, all you can build is 3 rings.

Some time later you will you will get back to the stage when you had 13 bars and you're up to trying the 3 item on your list, the sword. Then you build an axe. Now your at that point again with 3 copper bars. Well you've solved this problem already. You know the answer is 3 rings. So just return that answer.

After incorporating this technique, called memoization, my program became much faster.

Despite this. After adding 30 new recipes and 10 more items, it is once again taking a long time to complete.

project Gregorian Time

I just released a small project of mine under GPL. It's a Gregorian representation of time in Java. This projects approaches time from a new angle.

First, it separates generic units of time, like years, from specific years, like 1975. Secondly, it allows arithmetic of moments in this form. So there's no need to convert to UNIX time.

To create a moment in time first start with a year, then pick a month in that year, and a day in that month, etc. One benefit of modelling this way is you can add an arbitrary amount of precision.