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Synthesia, Piano for Everyone

Synthesia screenshot A fun way to learn how to play the piano. Whether you've always wanted to learn or you're a veteran looking for a fun new way to practice, get ready to join the thousands using Synthesia.

url: http://www.synthesiagame.com/

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Home | George Wein's Newport Folk Festival

tags: music, festival, folk
George Wein's Newport Folk Festival

url: http://www.newportfolkfest.net/

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Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming

tags: online, music, store
Gooveshark logo online music store

url: http://listen.grooveshark.com/

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Welcome to BeesWeb - The Official Site of Richard Thompson

tags: music, folk, guitarist
Richard Thompson RICHARD THOMPSON: Named by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of 2003's Top 20 Guitarists of all-time and the recent recipient of both an Ivor Novello Award for Songwriting and the 2006 BBC Lifetime Achievement Award, the iconic British folk rock legend is one of the world's most critically acclaimed and prolific songwriters. His work is admired and recorded by such artists as Bonnie Raitt, David Byrne and Elvis Costello.

url: http://www.richardthompson-music.com/

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hands on Audiopad Audiopad is a composition and performance instrument for electronic music which tracks the positions of objects on a tabletop surface and converts their motion into music. One can pull sounds from a giant set of samples, juxtapose archived recordings against warm synthetic melodies, cut between drum loops to create new beats, and apply digital processing all at the same time on the same table.

url: http://www.jamespatten.com/audiopad/

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Thank you Modestas and Mark, you brought the music back

tags: Amarok, music, KDE, Debian, bug
Amarok logo It's been a while, but after this bug was fixed and after Mark posted this, i finally have Amarok 2 playing music.

Acoustic Axis Instruments

At Acoustic Axis Instruments we are serious about all of your musical needs. We buy, sell, trade and consign acoustic and electric instruments, amps and all kinds of musical gear. We have the best selection of steel string, classical, electric guitars, amplifiers, PA, Recording gear and support the best small shop guitar and amp builders in North America and around the world. If you're looking for your first guitar or amplifier...

url: http://acousticaxis.com/

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Amoeba Music

tags: music, store
Since 1990, Amoeba Music has welcomed independent music lovers of all kinds to our unique, vibrant stores in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood. We stock every kind of music and movies -- from the top 40 to the best in underground rock and hip-hop, soul, electronica, new and classic jazz, world music, roots music and experimental music. We also have the biggest, most diverse and affordable selection of DVDs and vinyl LPs found anywhere.

url: http://www.amoeba.com/

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Paris Combo "Motifs"

Michael just lent me a french jazz cd. I'm having lots of fun translating it. This album has a very succinct feel to it. Either the band blends well togherher, or the album was highly sound processed. De façon générale je l'apprécie vraiment. (Overall i really enjoy it.)

He thinks i'm gonna rip it and keep a copy. But i respect the artist's copyright. Say what you want about RIAA and record labels; it's the artist who choose to copyright the music and i will respect their wishes.

The lyrics confused me at first. I'll write phoneticly.

je ne swee pah hie
je ne swee pah low
je ne swee pah in

I know "je ne swee pah" is really "Je ne suis pas" or "I am not". I'm thinking "high", "low", "in"? What are the chances there are three french words that can be used in this context, which sound so english. Well it turns out they really are english :)

I think i'll translate an entire song soon. After all i'll be returning the CD to Michael.

Global Music

tags: music, stream

I'm getting lots done at work today (normalizing a database). Since noone's here, i figured it'd be ok to stream music to my desktop. I'm listening to a german station playing a variety of irish music.

Musical Phrase

Here's a little musical phrase i've been playing with on the guitar. I'm more interested in the chord sequence than the melody.

I was guessing it would come out as the typical D Am C G sequence i like, but it appears different, ie. it's not a transposition of it: F F? G E

Given that a chord needs 3 pitches and this phrase only has two (per measure), i'm curious to know how it would sound with either chord selected. For example in measure 1 i have F A, well it could be F major if i add a C, or Dm if i add a D.


I've found my non-iTunes iTunes and it's even better. Unfortunately, sound on my computer is still not configured.

Recording Coming

Once i learn how to record myself, i'll put up a sample of my playing.
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All Pumped Up for Nothing, Boots, traffic, shoes, DuClaw, philosophy

i really shouldn't have had that red bull. it's no fun being stuck in a crowded metro stop when you have this much energy! -- Ms. K

This made me think, it's no fun turning up the radio for a kick ass song, when you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

I'm glad today is Friday. I love wearing my boots. It's ashame Timberland doesn't make them anymore; checking now on their web site i can't find anything like them. Checking other sites now, i still can't find a similar boot - it's just a plain boot! I should have bought 3 pair when i had the chance. Mine are "loved", read scuffed, marked, bruised, and greased.

Whew... found something... Dr. Martens 0939 Series.

Boots like these have character similar to this good brewery,restaurant called DuClaw. "How's that?", you ask. They're a modern day naturalist; keeping life simple.