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Washington DC Independent Film Festival: 2010

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The Washington DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF) is an award winning annual film festival showcasing independent films from around the world; offering a Music Festival, Master Classes, Seminars & Workshops conducted by industry professionals; providing cultivation and opportunity to the DC community. DCIFF also presents the "Independent Film Summit on the Hill" which brings together filmmakers and policymakers to discuss the state of the industry.

url: http://www.dciff.org/

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Filmfest DC

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Filmfest DC logo

There is nothing like a great movie, and the 24th edition of Filmfest DC promises to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience. Prepare to be amused, provoked, and inspired by extraordinary new films from some of the world’s most talented and innovative filmmakers.

url: http://www.filmfestdc.org/

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FLM Magazine Archives

in association with Landmark Theatres

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re: Outdoor Summer Movies

Those sound similar to the Columbia Lakefront Festival, which I haven't yet been to.
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Outdoor Summer Movies

Screen on the Green isn't showing anything interesting this summer. However the Comcast Film Fest benefitting NIH children's charities, looks much better.

Spartan, Italian Job, TrickleUp

This weekend i saw two movies with Mark. First was Spartan. It had an ok plot, ok actors, but the production of the movie was terrible. Second was The Italian Job. It's plot was a variation of the typical heist. Overall it was ok.

I've continued to make internal modifications to this web site. It may not appear like i've made changes, but that's a good thing.

The TrickleUp Effect is a phenomena on this site where, when i add content to lower pages, summaries trickle up towards the top. It's not active yet; i'm still figuring out how to pull that one off.


I configured LDAP to accept only Kerberos authentication via SASL and GSSAPI. And i'm able to add entries using ldapadd when the user has a valid ticket.

I added a new section showing movies i've gone too.