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from the linguistics-for-loonies-department

So is it possible to use a contraction anywhere? Nope. Here's an example.

Let us know when to arrive.
Let's know when to arrive. (completely different meaning)

Weird eh? OK, off to the gym for contractions of the muscular variety.

Coffee Grinder and Determinism

After finishing off my pre-ground coffee, i can now use my new grinder (thanks Mom). I don't usually blog about to things in one article, but i'm a bit caffeinated, so you're getting two for the price of one today.

Well i'm still learning how to use this grinder. The grinder itself is easy to use, measuring the beans is tough. So too many beans, a find ground, and using dark roasted beans, led Michael and i to a very strong brew[1].

In combination with this Irish Cream Syrup the coffee makes a fine morning beverage.

As i was driving to work the other day i saw a license plate DTERMND. This got me thinking about the word "determined", it's root "term", and committing yourself to something. I understand "term" as the end of a linear object. For example the bus terminal is the end of the bus route; likewise for trains. Grepping /usr/share/dict/words i also find exterminate, midterm, terminable, terminate, terminology, and watermelon. OK watermelon doesn't count.

Determined mostly means getting a result after some analysis. But for now i'm more interested in it's "devoting full strength and concentrated effort to" [WordNet] definition. This is in complete harmony with the the concept above. A person who is determined doesn't see an end, well a close end at least, to their actions.

Anyway, last weekend (or two weekends ago) i cleaned the apartment. Today, i'm determined to clean my other home. That is, my home directory on my computer.

[1] Doesn't this sound like a great title for a Wallace and Gromit film?

Neat. There should be a word to describe that kind of word. Alas, inept has no ept, and nonplus has no plus. I rarely hear anything called violable, imitable, defatigable, dubitable, or controvertible. Oh, defatigate appears to be a word. Huh. And sipid. And trepid. I must find an opportunity to use these words.
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