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The goal of Inqlude is to provide a comprehensive listing of all existing libraries for developers of Qt applications. If you are creating applications using the Qt toolkit, and are looking for libraries, components or modules to use, Inqlude is the place where you find all information and pointers to get started.

url: http://inqlude.org/

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Vecto - Simple Vector Drawing with Common Lisp

arc image

Vecto is a simplified interface to the powerful CL-VECTORS vector rasterization library. It presents a function-oriented interface similar to CL-PDF, but the results can be saved to a PNG instead of a PDF file. Since Vecto and all supporting libraries are written completely in Common Lisp, without depending on external non-Lisp libraries, it should work in any Common Lisp environment. Vecto is available under a BSD-like license.

url: http://www.xach.com/lisp/vecto/

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OpenID Enabled | Janrain

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Janrain maintains OpenID libraries for the developer community. Learn how to contribute. For more information about OpenID, an Internet Single-Sign-On protocol, visit wiki.openid.net.

url: http://www.janrain.com/openid-enabled

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PostGIS : Home

PostGIS logo PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database. In effect, PostGIS "spatially enables" the PostgreSQL server, allowing it to be used as a backend spatial database for geographic information systems (GIS), much like ESRI's SDE or Oracle's Spatial extension. PostGIS follows the OpenGIS "Simple Features Specification for SQL" and has been certified as compliant with the "Types and Functions" profile.

url: http://postgis.refractions.net/

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