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Express Yourself Interesting. A Barnes and Noble search for ćăť gives you "Express Yourself 101 Dancing with Words, Vol. 1" by Monnar. Coincidence?

plurals in software

I just committed to a new pattern in software. The plural of all words is made by just adding an "s". So the plural of query is querys.
I have some logic that will form <words><word>...<words> so it needs to be generic.


from the linguistics-for-loonies-department

So is it possible to use a contraction anywhere? Nope. Here's an example.

Let us know when to arrive.
Let's know when to arrive. (completely different meaning)

Weird eh? OK, off to the gym for contractions of the muscular variety.


New word for you all. Zirked adj. - to be stunned, surprised, and happy. Mark was zirked to find that Konqueror can split windows into halves, a feature he almost wrote a Firefox plugin for.

Neat. There should be a word to describe that kind of word. Alas, inept has no ept, and nonplus has no plus. I rarely hear anything called violable, imitable, defatigable, dubitable, or controvertible. Oh, defatigate appears to be a word. Huh. And sipid. And trepid. I must find an opportunity to use these words.
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I just found one of those words that is unpopular, yet has popular variations: clement. It's varieties are inclement as in bad weather, and clemency as in to forgive.