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SciGirls. Home | PBS Parents

SciGirls logo

SciGirls is a new show for kids ages 8-12 that showcases bright, curious real tween girls putting science and engineering to work in their everyday lives. Each half-hour episode follows a different group of middle school girls, whose eagerness to find answers to their questions will inspire your children to explore the world around them and discover that science and technology are everywhere! Continue.

url: http://www.pbs.org/parents/scigirls/

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3 characters from the show

Annedroids is the story of genius scientist Anne (Addison Holley), her friends Nick (Jadiel Dowlin) and Shania (Adrianna Di Liello), and her android creations Hand, Eyes and Pal (Millie Davis) as they embark on the biggest experiment of them all: growing up.

url: http://annedroids.com/

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