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WPFW on Sunday

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On Sundays, i've found myself returning to jazz on WPFW that i thought it deserves a mention on my website.

Today they played Sinatra singing It Was a Very Good Year.

Paris Combo "Motifs"

Michael just lent me a french jazz cd. I'm having lots of fun translating it. This album has a very succinct feel to it. Either the band blends well togherher, or the album was highly sound processed. De façon générale je l'apprécie vraiment. (Overall i really enjoy it.)

He thinks i'm gonna rip it and keep a copy. But i respect the artist's copyright. Say what you want about RIAA and record labels; it's the artist who choose to copyright the music and i will respect their wishes.

The lyrics confused me at first. I'll write phoneticly.

je ne swee pah hie
je ne swee pah low
je ne swee pah in

I know "je ne swee pah" is really "Je ne suis pas" or "I am not". I'm thinking "high", "low", "in"? What are the chances there are three french words that can be used in this context, which sound so english. Well it turns out they really are english :)

I think i'll translate an entire song soon. After all i'll be returning the CD to Michael.