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Indie Guitar Tabs / Chords and tabs for indie bands

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Guitar tabs for indie bands

url: http://www.indieguitartabs.com/

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Acoustic Axis Instruments

At Acoustic Axis Instruments we are serious about all of your musical needs. We buy, sell, trade and consign acoustic and electric instruments, amps and all kinds of musical gear. We have the best selection of steel string, classical, electric guitars, amplifiers, PA, Recording gear and support the best small shop guitar and amp builders in North America and around the world. If you're looking for your first guitar or amplifier...

url: http://acousticaxis.com/

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Musical Phrase

Here's a little musical phrase i've been playing with on the guitar. I'm more interested in the chord sequence than the melody.

I was guessing it would come out as the typical D Am C G sequence i like, but it appears different, ie. it's not a transposition of it: F F? G E

Given that a chord needs 3 pitches and this phrase only has two (per measure), i'm curious to know how it would sound with either chord selected. For example in measure 1 i have F A, well it could be F major if i add a C, or Dm if i add a D.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

After that last post, i passed out and slept all night. I'm going to get a head start on work today. Then bring my "dead g-string" guitar back to the store to get their opinion and try another guitar.

Recording Coming

Once i learn how to record myself, i'll put up a sample of my playing.
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Martin Guitar

Well, i did it. I bought my dream guitar. I still feel slightly nervous about such a purchase. I keep reminding myself it will last a lifetime.

Today, my guitar is better than i am. I hope to change that.

Guitar Test, Truncated XML

After a short workout, i went with Marc directly from work to Guitar Center. We went to the back room were we tested a varied selection of Martins and Taylors.

The Taylors have a tinny and bright sound whereas the Martins have a mellow and full bodied sound. After hearing it, i'm now thinking about the D-28; after all this guitar will last me a lifetime.

I didn't work on the comment feature on account of this dilemma. I want to provide truncated versions of articles on the top page, but don't know how to truncate XML without invalidating it. I do have one idea. Basically read and parse the content maintaining a stack of open tags. Count the number of characters printed. When you hit the limit, close all the open tags in reverse order.

PHP and Java have nice libraries to parse XML. I just prefer Xerces.

Broken Guitar

tags: guitar, acoustic

I recently broke my guitar . When i bought it from Dave at 50$ it was a great investment. Now it's firewood.

For it's replacement i'm gonna spend a bit more, after all i consider myself a musician. I'm considering three brands: Taylor, Martin, and Washburn. I'm leaning towards the Martin because they specialize in acoustic guitars and Taylors are ridiculously expensive.