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DeRocher Visit Photos

Here's a new photo album of my Dad and Grandpa's visit to DC. We went to 3 places (poor grandpa), the Postal Museum, the Navy Memorial, and the American Museum of Natural History.

Can't Teach a New Car Old Tricks

As i came off the highway i needed to slow down. I used a trick my grandfather taught me. Unfortunately i exceeded engine limitations.

On a car with manual transmission, instead of wearing down your brakes, you can put the car into a low gear, like 3rd or 4th, and slowly let up the clutch. The engine will rev and the car will slow down.

Well i threw the car into 2nd, and lifted the clutch to quickly. The tachometer spiked. The engine stalled. The steering stiffened. The brakes weren't very effective. Now any stick driver knows you can start the engine while the car is coasting. Mine wouldn't start. I barely made it to a tertiary road and parked near the curb. Mark will try to give me a jump in the morning.