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How to Be a Role Model for Girls | Lean In Together

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Together we can encourage the next generation of female leaders. Girls often look to the women in their lives for cues about how to think and act. When we speak confidently, take risks, and own our accomplishments, we set positive examples for girls to follow. There are countless opportunities every day to help girls gain the confidence and skills they need to lean in and take the lead.

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Breaking the Code: Unleashing the Talents of Our Girls and Students of Color | EdSurge News

Breaking the Code: Unleashing the Talents of Our Girls and Students of Color

My five-year-old girl entered kindergarten this past fall, bringing me one of life’s greatest experiences: watching her explore her curiosities and creativity as she desires and develops skills that will last her a lifetime. Her energy and joy for learning is inspiring. Each morning before school, she’ll sprint up the bus steps, only stopping to give a quick wave back home. She’s anxious to get to school and enters each day with a natural curiosity and ...

url: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2016-02-02-breaking-the-code-unleashing-the-talents-of-our-girls-and-students-of-color

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Inspiring Girls in the Tech Space: 100 Girls To Code | Beth Cone Kramer

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An initiative of the Tennessee Code Academy, Girls Who Code was founded in 2014 to introduce girls to code and computer engineering at a young age, to achieve gender parity in the STEM fields. By hosting one-day workshops led by academically-trained experts who are "girls in code" themselves, 100 Girls To Code provides girls with a fun and interactive learning experience that includes an introduction to programming, website construction, games, apps, and more.

url: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/8023776

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