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The true size of ...

A tool to select a few countries and compare their sizes. The tool places one country on top of the other.

url: http://thetruesize.com/

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VerySpatial | A VerySpatial Podcast

VerySpatial A Very Spatial Podcast is your weekly source for information on Geography and geospatial technologies. Geography touches most things we do everyday, but we rarely even think of it. This podcast seeks to point out how Geography and geospatial technologies is filtering into our digital lives and daily lives.

url: http://veryspatial.com/avsp/

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mapschool: a free introduction to geo

earth shapes

What is a map? Until the 1980s, maps were painstaking documents created by hand. These days maps are almost always made with the help of a computer. Maps today are commonplace, interspersed in driving directions, visualizations, and political boundary disputes. Let’s look deeper and think about the fundamental elements of maps from the eye of the creator.

url: http://www.macwright.org/mapschool/

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Disruptive Geo | Exploring the disruptive potential of geography

demographic map My name is Joshua Campbell and I am currently a Geographer and GIS Architect at the Humanitarian Information Unit, a division of the Office of the Geographer and Global Issues at the U.S. Department of State. I am also completing a PhD in Geography from the University of Kansas. The core concept for this blog is explained below, but in short it is simply a place where I can post on projects that may be of interest to the broader community. Twitter @disruptivegeo.

url: http://www.disruptivegeo.com/

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