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Celeste Lyn Paul

tags: Celeste, friend
natural tech girl

Celeste Lyn Paul is an interaction designer, researcher, and open source contributer.

I am an open source design advocate who works towards making FLOSS more “user friendly” by working with developers to create better software. I specialize in interface design, interaction design, and information architecture. I have experience in all phases of the system development life cycle, with a knack for helping the development and user research...

url: http://obso1337.org/

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bokunenjin | Recent Entries


In my Japanese dictionary, 'bokunenjin' means 'quiet unsociable person.'

url: http://bokunenjin.dreamwidth.org/

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Antarctica Starts Here.

tags: Bryce, blog, friend

This is the weblog of the Doctor, who is (in no particular order), a computer geek, a writer, a musician, a mystech, occasionally a coder, a traveler, an adventurer, and is interested in just about everything to some extent.

url: http://drwho.virtadpt.net/

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tags: Justin, friend, beer, KDE

Welcome to my blog, Neomantra.org. In the real world I go by Justin Kirby and work as a bioinformatics analyst focused on helping researchers in the field of radiology utilize open source software to achieve their scientific objectives. The intent of this blog is to provide its visitors with my spin on the world’s happenings with a bias towards discussing technology, music, science and politics. I’ve been getting more involved in open source software...

url: http://neomantra.org/

type: person, format: blog


Elwing’s Weblog

tags: friend, Elwing
elwing background image

I might get around to writing something here someday

url: http://weblog.elwing.org/elwing/

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Wee, Not So Wee, & Friggin' Huge!

tags: WeeRed1, friend
WeeRed1's header image, rocket rainbow

I never know how to start these things, but here goes. I am a thoughtful, fun-loving, humorous, easily-entertained gal. I love and appreciate nature, visual and performing arts, good conversation, good books, furry animals and dark chocolate. My work is computer/database-focused and although I have a good work ethic, I enjoy playing hooky when I can because life is too short not to. I love to travel (road trips, cruises, you name it), although ...

url: http://weered1.livejournal.com/

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tags: Katie, friend
Katie a thinker, student, programmer, musician, and friend

url: http://hoteldetective.org/

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Christine Krizsa - krizsa.com

Christine Krizsa The life and times of an artist, learning about herself...

url: http://krizsa.com/

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