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Important Considerations When Building Single Page Web Apps

framework spectrum Single page web applications - or SPAs, as they are commonly referred to - are quickly becoming the de facto standard for web app development. The fact that a major part of the app runs inside a single web page makes it very interesting and appealing, and the accelerated growth of browser capabilities pushes us closer to the day, when all apps run entirely in the browser.

url: http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/important-considerations-when-building-single-page-web-apps--net-29356

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OpenSync project is an ongoing effort to create a synchronization framework that will be platform independent, general purpose synchronization engine utilizing modular plugins for content formats and different kind of connection types. Being based on plugins would allow extending it easily to new purposes and devices without radically changing the architecture itself, allowing it to support wide variety of devices used today and in the future.

url: http://opensync.org/

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