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Open Health Inspection

fork logo A website which converts restaurant inspections into a score.

url: http://openhealthinspection.com/#/

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Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program

calorie count logo Calorie Count was created to provide you with all the guidance and support you need for a healthy lifestyle -- one that you'll enjoy leading every day.

url: http://caloriecount.about.com/

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Thai Peppers

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Thai Peppers logo The house of finest Thai cuisine and friendly services located on Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria. We offer a wide range of Thai food such as lemon grass soup, Thai sweet and sour stir fried noodle, and even sweet mango with sticky rice for dessert.

url: http://www.thaipeppers.net/

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Food Delivery Service

Welcome to Dr. Delivery. We specialize in arranging delivery from your area’s best restaurants to your home, office or hotel! We are open 365 days, serving all day and night until late depending on your area! Drop off catering is available with advance notice.

url: https://www.drdelivery.com/

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url: http://www.cellarblog.org/

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Jane Spice - Make Taste

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Greetings Spice Seeker! For many of us, life is busy and time is short. While we love dinner parties and sipping wine over a delicious meal with friends, all too often we either stick to the same five boring recipes or just buy pre-prepared meals. We know we’d love to try new spices and new flavors but we’re afraid to have our dinner guests be the guinea pigs.

url: http://www.janespice.com/

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Welcome to the world of transformational nutrition! Our goal is to provide the largest selection of high-quality, enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense superfood to help you in achieving your highest potential. In addition to a wide variety of raw and living organic foods that make great meals, additions to meals and healthy snacks for kids, you will also find anti-oxident and mineral-rich supplements, equipment for raw food preparation, and Books and DVDs containing the latest cutting

url: http://superfood.com/

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Offering epicurean news from the D.C. metro area, Metrocurean is a leading source on local restaurant buzz and noteworthy happenings.

url: http://amandamc.blogspot.com/

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food court

tags: Udvar-Hazy, food
Looking back on my Udvar-Hazy pictures from a year ago, I saw the "temporary" food service and thought for sure they must have installed something better by now. Guess not.
parent post: NASM Udvar-Hazy Center
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Hmm.. that kindof sound like a project Mark and I discussed ages ago. The most difficult is just taking the receipt and adding the items that way instead of having to actually scan each item. The two hurdles you speak of, nutritional information and weight, arnt as difficult as the receipt problem. Once information about a product is entered..
.. it doesnt need entered again unless there is a significant change in its ingrediants. Weight can be done when preparing the meal, and when cooking with a recipe, is usually done. The weight issue is hardest when you grab things a-la-carte like a handful of chips or a spoonful of hummus. There have been reserach projects of having RFID-enabled refrigerators that can keep track of items (with RFID tags) in stock. You would still have to manually compute the weight any time you used a recipe or grabbed a snack. Interesting idea.. the biggest hurdle is making it transparent and easy enough for someone to use without feeling overwhelmed by another technology. Welcome to human-centric design.
parent post: Nutrition Manager
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Nutrition Manager

Laura's starting a new project to track her inventory and recipes. I think this can be integrated with a nutrition regiment and possible workout schedule.

I think we all have Cue Cats, let's put them to use.

I've thought about this extensively. When you get home with your groceries, you can scan them into an inventory database. Then the can make more healthy dishes. As you eat, you can measure your intake of calories and nutrients. You can balance out the will with a diverse set of foods. Then as your inventory get low, your computer will put new items on your shopping list.

If you can scan and OCR your receipt, and format it into something machine readable, then you can track your finances .

I see three hurdles so far: (1) where do you get the nutritional information of all possible foods you will eat, think flour; (2) some of these require a scale for food, do you have one?; (3) scanning receipts.

I've already created a finance manager and recipe manager. (I need to publish this software.) The recipe manager is just for my bar. It uses a database of 300 cocktail recipes, all liquors including brand, type, size of bottle, and a list liquor i own. Then it puts together a list of all the drinks i can make. The finance manager forcasts your long term wealth using incomes, utilities, loans (with interest), and other expenses. It predicted i will be a millionaire when i'm 88 :)

I think this would be a great team project. I'm very good with databases. I'm sure each person can get their portion of the project.