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Earth Aid - Rewards for Saving Energy

Earth Aid logo

Earth Aid is about educating households about your energy and water use, helping you save, and rewarding you when you do save.

Learn About Your Utility Use in Context Earth Aid's free, patent-pending web application is the first and only that enables households to monitor their actual electric, gas, and water utility usage all together and in context online - all to help you see the big picture.

url: http://www.earthaid.net/

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Earth 4 Energy

If you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill than this is the perfect resource for you!

url: http://www.earth4energy.org/

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Home Power Magazine

Twenty years ago, solar, wind, and hydro-electric technologies made it possible for people to live beyond the reach of the utility grid and harvest renewable energy to power both their homes and lives. With this time-tested history in hand, over the last decade, renewable energy has come to town. Today, on-grid solar-electric and solar hot water systems are becoming a common sight in suburban and urban locations across the country.

url: http://www.homepower.com

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We are a group of alternative energy enthusiasts who want to spread the message that It's EASY to make your own power FROM SCRATCH. All of our houses and shops run on only solar, wind, water and generator power...not because we are trying to make some sort of political or environmental statement, but because these are the only options available.

url: http://www.otherpower.com/

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Access Green: Professional Home Energy Inspection

provides homeowners and businesses with home energy savings. We provide you with a thorough Review of your home or facility and provide strategic advice and assistance in resolving energy losses and waste.

url: http://accessgreen.com/

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Are we heading for a human-powered future? - CNN.com

tags: human, energy, power

Would you still watch your favorite television program if you had to cycle for an hour before you could view it?

Couch potatoes will be horrified, but fresh advances in human-powered technology -- where users power appliances through their own motion -- could one day see a 'workout-to-watch' scenario become reality.

Human power is rapidly gaining in popularity worldwide as businesses seek 'greener' methods of operating.

url: http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/08/01/Human.power/index.html

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Lee Devlin's Weblog: Electricity from Human Power

Every once in a while I read stories about people generating electricity with treadmills and bicycles by connecting them to electric generators. I read an article recently about a health club in Hong Kong that was using the energy from the human-powered exercise equipment to offset its electric bill. Whenever I read something like this, the first thing I want to do is put it in its proper context.

url: http://www.k0lee.com/blog/2008/01/electricity-from-human-power.html

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Human Power - Electricity and transportation technologies

Human kinetic energy can be transfered in a number of ways. Human energy is most commonly used to propel bicycles, but can also be used to generate electricity and power hand-crank tools. Some third world organizations are implementing human powered technologies to generate electricity to power computers and other appliances. The articles on this page are about human kinetic energy and its many uses.

url: http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/technology/human-powered/

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David Butcher: Pedal Powered Generator - DIY Plans

tags: energy, human, pedal
Curious about Human Power? Need some exercise? Looking to lose weight? Need inspiration? Researching technical information? Expensive gasoline making you nuts? You have come to the right place.

url: http://www.los-gatos.ca.us/davidbu/pedgen.html

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All Pumped Up for Nothing, Boots, traffic, shoes, DuClaw, philosophy

i really shouldn't have had that red bull. it's no fun being stuck in a crowded metro stop when you have this much energy! -- Ms. K

This made me think, it's no fun turning up the radio for a kick ass song, when you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

I'm glad today is Friday. I love wearing my boots. It's ashame Timberland doesn't make them anymore; checking now on their web site i can't find anything like them. Checking other sites now, i still can't find a similar boot - it's just a plain boot! I should have bought 3 pair when i had the chance. Mine are "loved", read scuffed, marked, bruised, and greased.

Whew... found something... Dr. Martens 0939 Series.

Boots like these have character similar to this good brewery,restaurant called DuClaw. "How's that?", you ask. They're a modern day naturalist; keeping life simple.