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J u l i e   D i l l e m u t h children's author - Blog

And maps are indeed powerful: by showing an area larger than what we can see from the ground, they help us find our way, even helping us form mental maps of places we may never have visited. On a world-map scale, they are powerful politically, and as Mark Monmonier told us in his book, How to Lie With Maps, it’s important to think critically about maps and how they represent (or misrepresent) reality.

url: http://www.juliedillemuth.com/blog.html

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Why Children Still Need to Read (and Draw) Maps | Expert Tips & Advice . PBS Parents | PBS

Why Children Still Need to Read (and Draw) Maps

While many skills have become obsolete in the digital age, map reading remains an important tool for building children’s spatial reasoning skills and helping them make sense of our world.

Temple University’s Dr. Nora Newcombe describes spatial thinking as “seeing in the mind’s eye.” Spatial skills are what allow us to “picture the locations of objects, their shapes, their relations to each other and the paths they take as they move.”

url: http://www.pbs.org/parents/expert-tips-advice/2016/01/children-still-need-read-draw-maps/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=pbsofficial&utm_campaign=parents_expert

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mapschool: a free introduction to geo

earth shapes

What is a map? Until the 1980s, maps were painstaking documents created by hand. These days maps are almost always made with the help of a computer. Maps today are commonplace, interspersed in driving directions, visualizations, and political boundary disputes. Let’s look deeper and think about the fundamental elements of maps from the eye of the creator.

url: http://www.macwright.org/mapschool/

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