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Bacula And Removable Disk HOWTO

For backups i use Bacula which i consider much easier to configure than Amanda (sorry UMD). I backup my content to external USB drives. I use 2 1TB drives, keeping one far away from my server.

On the bacula mailing lists Josh Fisher provided a great script to have hard drives pretend to be virtual changers. Each drive is a magazine and each file is a tape.

Since i can't contact Josh or find this document anywhere on the Internet, i've decided to host it myself.

I got this working for me quite nicely, but i'm no expert. I don't expect to answer questions, but i'll be glad to make clarifications to the HOWTO.

Bacula And Removable Disk HOWTO


Greg Smith's Note Magnet: Linux disk failures: Areca is not so SMART

One of the most frequently asked questions on the PostgreSQL Performance list is "what disk controller works best with PostgreSQL?" It's a tough question; every product has different things it's good and bad at, and it can be hard to through all that to figure out what makes sense for your application. You need to focus equally on performance and reliability, as disk drives are very prone to failure.

url: http://notemagnet.blogspot.com/2008/08/linux-disk-failures-areca-is-not-so.html

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