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Preparedness Planners - ReadyNova

Ready Nova If a disaster strikes, are you ready? Plan to be Prepared! Take action now by making an emergency plan.

url: http://en.readynova.org/

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Recovers - Community-Powered Disaster Recovery

recovers logo Help your community recover from disasters. A free, easy-to-use website for organizing disaster relief.

url: https://recovers.org/

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How You Can Help with Hurricane Patricia

HOT OSM Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia made landfall in Mexico 7pm today. Do you wonder how you could possibly help out? One way is through building a better map for relief workers.

OpenStreetMap is a global map built by citizen mappers similar to the way Wikipedia is built. With about 1 hour of training, you can also edit the map in a way that would help the people of Mexico in this disaster.

Prepare by learning about OpenStreetMap.

Then join the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team on the front line with a Hurricane Patricia task.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Disaster Relief

After reading Michael's article i was convinced to make a contribution. I hope you're convinced too. Here are the organization i contributed to.