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Simple Sketches for Diagramming Your Software Architecture | Voxxed


If you’re working in an agile software development team at the moment, take a look around at your environment. Whether it’s physical or virtual, there’s likely to be a story wall or Kanban board visualising the work yet to be started, in progress and done. Visualising your software development process is a fantastic way to introduce transparency because anybody can see, at a glance, a high-level snapshot of the current progress.

url: https://www.voxxed.com/blog/2014/10/simple-sketches-for-diagramming-your-software-architecture/

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Major Christianity and Atheism

url: http://people.cs.vt.edu/~codemac/shots/current.png

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Feng Shui

Very nice diagram Celeste. Your Feng Shui will make your mind and body feel better. (I thought the cable socket was between the windows.)