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Blog | Lara Hogan

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I'm a Senior Engineering Manager at Etsy and the author of Designing for Performance and Building a device lab. Follow me on Twitter, read my blog.

I champion performance as a part of the overall user experience, help people get comfortable giving presentations, and believe it's important to celebrate career achievements with donuts.

url: http://larahogan.me/blog/

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DC Device Lab | Welcome

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DC Device Lab is an open, device testing lab available for web and app developers in the Washington, DC area. Our first location is now open at Canvas Co/work on 19th & M Streets.

A device lab is a collection of many different web-capable devices that are available for web designers/developers to use for testing. Realistically, most of us can’t go out and buy every device so that we can have it available for testing....

url: http://dcdevicelab.com/

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