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Creigh Deeds for Governor | Creating Opportunity in Every Corner of Virginia

Deeds for Governor logo Our commonwealth faces tremendous economic challenges: we're in the middle of the worst global recession since the great Depression, unemployment is at record highs, thousands of Virginians have lost their homes to foreclosure, and small businesses across the commonwealth are struggling to stay afloat. As governor, Creigh will get Virginia's economy back on track through bold, responsible proposals that preserve Virginia's low-tax environment and keep our distinction as ...

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I can't agree on liberal vs conservative

I really can't. Bush isn't a conservative, he's the closest thing to a tax and spender the republicans have. It's fascinating that the Republican party has him up front, because he's absolutely not conservative where it counts to run a government. He's an idealogue on the social side, which I suppose they like.

Nor do I think that Liberal is a fair label to the Democrats. A democratic congress and president made certain that we aren't, as a country, spending more than we bring in via taxes. That's a fiscally conservative postition.

Nothing sums them up simply to me, so I don't know what to say there.

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