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DemocracyOS - Change the Tool

DemocracyOS logo

Create your DemocracyOS in a click. Build proposals and be the change you want to see.

Debate in a platform that rewards the best arguments and filters that noise that usually ends up calling the trolls.

With a clear deadline, get everyone on board to reach a voted decision and avoid endless debates.

Join a community that's hacking the future of democracy today. We are 100% open source with an GPLv3 license.

url: http://democracyos.org/

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ScienceDebate.org | Presidential Science Debate 2016

Presidential Candidates 2016 Science Debate

For three cycles, presidential candidates have chosen to share their views here, as the Democratic and Republican candidates did in 2008 and 2012. In 2016, we also invited the Green and Libertarian candidates. These issues affect voters’ lives as much as the foreign policy, economic policy, and faith and values views that candidates traditionally share with journalists on the campaign trail. They deserve a public debate and broad coverage.

url: http://sciencedebate.org/20answers

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National Discussion and Debate Series - Miller Center of Public Affairs

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Miller Center logo

On June 8, 2007, the Miller Center of Public Affairs announced the implementation of its National Discussion and Debate Series (NDDS). As part of the Center's mission to research, reflect, and report on issues of national importance to the country's governance, Miller Center Director Gerald L. Baliles created this program to encourage a vigorous, well-informed discussion on the national stage about the major issues of our time.

url: http://millercenter.org/public/debates

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