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Strava Slide Tool

Slide demo

Slide is based on the principles of Mathematical optimization. A coarse input line is iteratively refined to optimize its alignment with the GPS heat data.

url: http://labs.strava.com/slide/

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CyclePhilly logo sharrow

CyclePhilly is a smartphone app for recording your bicycle trips. Data from the app can be used by regional transportation planners in the Philadelphia area to make Philly a better place to ride.

url: http://www.cyclephilly.org/

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New Cycle Philly Mobile App Helps You Help Us Help You Ride Better

tags: cycling, routes, usage, OSM

One of the challenges of the better bicycling game is figuring out where people ride. We conduct our annual bike counts, and organizations like DVRPC can put down counters on select streets, but these give us snapshots at best. Philadelphians take thousands of bike trips a day, and if we knew where, when, and why folks were riding, planners could use that information to design better streets and connect our trails.

url: http://bicyclecoalition.org/cycle-philly-blog-post/

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Bicycle - OpenStreetMap Wiki

tags: wiki, tagging, cycling, OSM
Cycle lanes left right

This page lists recommendations for how to enter and tag bicycle and cycleway related data into OSM. Having good quality cycleway data allows routing software to choose the way that best suits cyclists.

url: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bicycle

type: article, format: wiki


ITO Map - Cycling

tags: ITO, map, cycling, OSM
map on-road bicycle tagging

Maps that relate to cycling, including cycling in urban areas, for leisure and for competitive purposes.

url: http://www.itoworld.com/map/group/15

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