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Maki Sushi

tags: cooking, sushi

I made maki sushi tonight for the first time. Thanks to a bambo roller from Mom, i stuffed nori (seaweed) with salmon and asparagus. Here's a picture.

Also i made a trip to Rodman's Gourmet to pick up pickeled ginger and miso soup. I knew they had sake, but to my surprise they had sake containers and glasses.

Tonight's Dinner: Sushi, Tonight's Cook: <b>Me</b>

tags: cooking, sushi, salmon

Having a craving foor sushi, and wanting to pay 2.00$ per nigiri, i decided to make some myself. I made sake (salmon).

The rice was already cooked. I stopped by a seafood store in Bethesda to pick up a pound of salmon fillet. I was so hungry i didn't spend much time on preparation. Read: My neta weren't rectangular and the rice was irregular.

How did it taste? It was great!! Guess what i'm having for dinner tomorrow.

At a restaurant 12 sake is 24$. Tonight's sushi costs: 6$.

Yes i'm feeling ok (so far).