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Just confirming. Yes the code is there:

$Parent->emailAllExcept( $Conn, $this->AuthorName );

But sometime over the years, this went missing:

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Minor Author Changes to TrickleUp

I've made some minor changes to TrickleUp. For those of you blinking, it's the software that runs my site. The change is to the author information of posts and it's really just aligning the author ascpect of posting for a much larger authentication change later.

Previously the comment forms had 3 fields: name, email, and website -- just like most blogs. Now on those blogs, i have a problem with how easy it is to impersonate somone. I doubt it would happen among my friends, but if TrickleUp ever entered widespread usage, some other people may appreciate that feature.

When someone entered their name, email, and website trio, TrickleUp would create an account in the database, and send a cookie to the user. This is great for new users, but most people posting to my site are returning users.

I realized this form is not the new user registration form, even if it was a form within a form. So the registration form is separate. The comment form always allows an anonymous posting. If you're logged in to my site you may also attribute your comment to yourself.

In terms of code, it's cleaner this way.

With all that cleared up, i can focus on the real work, SSL client authentication. Just think, if we each had an SSL certificate, we wouldn't need numerous passwords.

enhancement request

Could you tweak TrickleUp so that when a commenter checks the e-mail notify box, she isn't notified of her own comment? While I like to know when someone comments on my comment, I don't really need to be notified that I just wrote something. :)
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oh christ, youve GOT to fix your comments. a) you dont allow for enough characters b) I WAS UNDER YOUR 800 CHAR LIMIT AND IT STILL YELLED AT ME you lost my response. too bad because it answered your question about the television
parent post: Comments on A Kitchen Theory
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I just got done with a new feature on this site. Now, when you write a comment to any posting, you may elect to receive notifications of future comments on that post. They're just short emails containing a link to the article, poll, or review you commented on.

You will get one email even if you write more than one comment.


Readers may now post comments on articles. You may be wondering why don't i just use some blogging software. "Why reinvent the wheel?"

Well one reason is to exercise my programming abilities. Also, i want a blog that blends seemlessly into the my web site. It can't look like a separate entity in any way. Any blogger i'd use must be fully open source.

WordPress looks interesting, but it uses that pseudo-relational sell-out database MySQL, which doesn't even have support for views, transactions, or foreign-key constraints. PostgreSQL is much better. However when i release my blogging software, it will use ODBC.