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Prototypal Object-Oriented Programming using JavaScript · An A List Apart Article


Douglas Crockford accurately described JavaScript as the world’s most misunderstood language. A lot of programmers tend to think of it as not a “proper” language because it lacks the common object-oriented programming concepts. I myself developed the same opinion after my first JavaScript project ended up a hodgepodge, as I couldn’t find a way to organize code into classes. But as we will see, JavaScript comes packed with a rich system of object-oriented...

url: http://alistapart.com/article/prototypal-object-oriented-programming-using-javascript

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Breaking the Code: Unleashing the Talents of Our Girls and Students of Color | EdSurge News

Breaking the Code: Unleashing the Talents of Our Girls and Students of Color

My five-year-old girl entered kindergarten this past fall, bringing me one of life’s greatest experiences: watching her explore her curiosities and creativity as she desires and develops skills that will last her a lifetime. Her energy and joy for learning is inspiring. Each morning before school, she’ll sprint up the bus steps, only stopping to give a quick wave back home. She’s anxious to get to school and enters each day with a natural curiosity and ...

url: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2016-02-02-breaking-the-code-unleashing-the-talents-of-our-girls-and-students-of-color

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