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Park Avenue Desk Chair

After a long deliberating process of selecting a chair, a five month process, i am finally sitting in my new Hon chair. It's quite a process selecting a chair and just the right fabric to go along with it. I'm glad i held out for what i wanted. Mark helped me pick it up today.

The arm rest allow my arms to lay directly into the keyboard and mouse. I also have room to pull them in, closer to my body, allowing extended periods of typing.

I'm happy with the color, a dark green. There were hundred of colors to choose from. I knew i wanted green, but which one among the dozen. BTW i learned a new word during this process, viz. celadon, a pale sea-green. I see celadon as a typical 1950s color. My chair is a rich medium-dark green which blends well with the henna cherry wood.

I'll need to sit in it longer, but so far it's very comfortable. Yes my friends, this means it will be even harder to drag me away from my computer.

There's one bad thing about the chair; i can't play my guitar in it, unless i scoot to the front.

I would like to thank my monther and grand father who made this chair possible for me.

Grinder and Chair

tags: coffee, grinder, chair, HON
Here's an snipit from an email from my mom.

Hope all is going well- how's the coffee grinder? Yes, I read your site. And the chair- is your ass in it yet?

Maybe this is why i like reverse polish notation.

I've got the grinding down to a science. And finally i've ordered a chair from HON.

The chair is the Park Avenue. It has wood trim and i selected a green crepe fabric. It should be available for pickup in 4 weeks.

Now go sign her guest book.

Day Off?

I took the day off from work to get errands done. Here's what i did: paid mobile phone bill, call Logitech about my excellent but broken keyboard, created an account with Pepco, informed my property manager of new accounts, spoke to a salesman about a new chair, fixed some teachers on the LCLI site, and added my rent to my bank's bill pay system.

Also, i got a letter notarized, got an oil change, and got my car's emission tested. The letter is just to change my address with a former employee!

The new diNovo keyboard really is great except for the fact that the space bar often doesn't work. Both Logitech and NewEgg were receptive. I have an RMA number to get a replacement.

For the last 8 months, i haven't been paying for gas and electric. Avalon has been paying them for me. So i reimbursed them and created my own accounts with the companies.

I'm excited about the new chair: HON 4901 (no, it's not that exspensive). I have about 80 fabrics i can choose from. I'll pick a variety of green. My seller will be sending me a sample of many fabrics.

After being so productive, i thought i'd treat myself to my favorite Indian food place India Grill. I let the owner pick my meal. It was fantastic, but i forgot it's name. All i know was, it's not on the menu.

Now it's time for another treat, World of Warcraft. I'm level 23!!

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