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Berkeley Carbon Footprint Map Shows Cities How to Fight Climate Change - CityLab

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By focusing on emissions from goods consumed in a city, Berkeley researchers paint a more accurate picture.

The nations of the world committed to slashing carbon emissions at the COP21 summit in Paris last month, and now cities and communities must figure out how to actually do that. In order to pull it off, local leaders will need to pinpoint the geographical sources of greenhouse gases and figure out what activities produce them...

url: https://www.citylab.com/environment/2016/01/berkeley-climate-change-map-cities/423753/

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Transparency: The Change in Carbon Emissions - Transparency - GOOD


As the world gets closer to the COP15 Climate Change conference, it's important to look at from where the emissions around the world are coming. In the last year, some countries have started to clean up their act, while other countries continue to pump out carbon dioxide. Our latest Transparency is a look at the five highest emitters in each region of the world as of 2007 and whether they have increased or decreased both their total emissions in the from 2006...

url: http://www.good.is/post/transparency-the-change-in-carbon-emissions/

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