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Evaluation and repair of a failed Prius MFD

tags: car, Prius, MFD, repair
There is a common problem with some of the multi-function display (MFD) screens in the 2004 and some 2005 Prius, manifested by the buttons and the touch areas on the screen itself becoming sluggish and unresponsive, no display of current or average MPG, and no control over the stereo or air conditioning. This problem tends to start sporadically and slowly become worse over time, although there have been a few that have failed suddenly and hard.

url: http://www.techno-fandom.org/~hobbit/cars/mfd/

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New Car

tags: car, Eclipse, died, Prius

So i've been slow with posting... But a lot's gone on.

My car died. I had a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It died a horrible death. Now i have good car, a 2004 Toyota Prius.

To be honest, i didn't really like the Eclipse. It was sporty and that's cool, but i was outliving that part of my life. And i know this will sound odd, but the door and dash board were too thick. I just felt there was wasted space and a poor overall design.

The Prius on the other hand is a car, unlike the Honda Civic, designed to be a hybrid from it's initial conception. It's electric motor doesn't just assist the engine, but can also drive the car on it's own.

Other plusses include not having to get up as i leave the car; i just swivel to the left. It's also 4 door, so i can accommodate my friends better. Did i mention it get's 51 MPG city and 60 MPG highway?

Coolant Thermostat Diagram

While working on my car i removed the thermostat. I forgot which way to reinstall it. This site was very helpful.

The long story is, my radiator has a slow leak. There's rust appearing all around the cap. So i bought a new shiny cap. Looking at the thermostat house, i determined that it's way too dirty. I had some BRITE degreaser, but didn't want to get it inside the cooling system. So i removed the thermostat housing and took it inside for a cleaning.

The degreaser had no effect cleaning the rust off the housing, but a strong screwdriver worked well. Unfortunately, the gasket (engine side) was hard, brittle, falling apart, and just useless. So i scraped it off.

BTW the overflow container is filled with rust.

After putting it all together sans gasket, i figured it would work. Ha, it leaked like a crying baby.

So i took the Metro to work today and was kindly driven to dinner and then home by Lisa. A new gasket is in the mail.

Flip Flop Morning

This morning i've had two flops for every flip. It starts with me forgetting to return a video at the cost of 3$ per day. I had to bring my bills in to work, because i didn't pay them this weekend. But it's nice that i pay them online. It's not nice that my visa was high; always a couple hundred more than i expect. Usually i find gas takes up a good portion.

This weekend was great. Maybe in the near future i'll explain more about that.

My car needs an oil change. For two days now i've been hearing an odd sound. Never heard it before. It's not related to the rotation of the engine or the brakes. It may be related to steering indirectly. I think it's the bearings in the front left of the car. When i turn left i hear this pale squeaking sound. But i also hear it on the open road.

Traffic this morning on the radio was bad. IRL it wasn't.

Decaf coffee was just as enjoyable as caffeinated this morning.

Oh i know a large frustration i have.... This weekend i upgraded to Linux 2.6.12, because BenH added support for sound on the G5. I've never had so much difficulty compiling the kernel. It wasn't syntax problems, but linking problems. The make system is screwy. Maybe it's because they're switching from BitKeeper to Git; shrug. The main problem is with CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE. If i leave it on, the kernel doesn't compile. Missing objects are orig_x, orig_y, cols, and a couple others in functions putc and puts in the file misc-common.c. Also SMU, intended for G5s doesn't work unless you compile a 64 bit kernel. But i'm not gonna build a cross compiler just for sound. We'll see if i convert to a pure 64 bit environment. I certainly don't think 64 bit is instinctively better than 32 bit. I mean i don't work with data that requires 64 bit processing or a 64 address space. And it's nice to get twice the instructions or data in one clock tick. All in all, no sound yet.

Engine Flooded

tags: car, engine, flood
Good news, i flooded the engine. When trying to restart it, i drained the battery. The alternator is working fine. We'll see if the battery is holding a charge tomorrow morning.
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Jump Failed

tags: car, Eclipse, tow
The jump failed. My insurer provides roadside assistance, i.e. a tow to a garage. The flatbed took my car and i to a Bethesda Aamco, which i requested. They'll look at the car this afternoon. I'm at work. Mark (what a guy) will pick me up later.
parent post: Can't Teach a New Car Old Tricks
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Can't Teach a New Car Old Tricks

As i came off the highway i needed to slow down. I used a trick my grandfather taught me. Unfortunately i exceeded engine limitations.

On a car with manual transmission, instead of wearing down your brakes, you can put the car into a low gear, like 3rd or 4th, and slowly let up the clutch. The engine will rev and the car will slow down.

Well i threw the car into 2nd, and lifted the clutch to quickly. The tachometer spiked. The engine stalled. The steering stiffened. The brakes weren't very effective. Now any stick driver knows you can start the engine while the car is coasting. Mine wouldn't start. I barely made it to a tertiary road and parked near the curb. Mark will try to give me a jump in the morning.