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Thank you Modestas and Mark, you brought the music back

tags: Amarok, music, KDE, Debian, bug
Amarok logo It's been a while, but after this bug was fixed and after Mark posted this, i finally have Amarok 2 playing music.

#501495 crash on powerpc: libamarok_collection-sqlcollection because of R_PPC_REL24 relocations

tags: Debian, bug, Amarok
Amarok 1.92.2-1 from experimental crashes, after an error dialog boxes shows up, with approximately the following text: ----------- Klib could not load module: libamarok_collection-sqlcollection

url: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=501495

type: project, format: page


Oops, we did it again (MySQL 5.1 released as GA with crashing bugs)

tags: MySQL, crash, bug
MySQL 5.1 is now released as "GA". In this blog I will try to describe my opinions about this release and also try to set the expectations right for anyone trying out MySQL 5.1 GA.

url: http://monty-says.blogspot.com/2008/11/oops-we-did-it-again-mysql-51-released.html

type: article, format: blog

Possible DOM bug in Firefox

tags: Firefox, bug, DOM

I found what appears to be a bug in Firefox 1.0.4. Using JavaScript, i'll append a new DOM node, a link, into a web page. Using Link.setAttribute( 'href', 'http://www.mit.edu/' ) the link is clickable, but using Link.setAttributeNS( 'http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml', 'href', 'http://www.mit.edu' ) it is not.

My example is here.

The source of this example is XML Transformations with CSS and DOM from the Apple developer site.

Conan, What is best in life?

Had a good yesterday. Found the bug in my project (at work) that's been driving the numbers off. This morning remembered to bring my gym clothes to work and remembered to stop by Marhsall HS on the way to work. You see, i thought i left my badge and favorite pen there in the auditorium. No luck...

So arriving at work i figured i'll just check under the seat. BAM, found my pen. But no badge. Looking around further i spot it in the passenger door pocket. And suddently i realized how it got there. I placed it on some CDs on the passenger seat and as i made a hard left they slid sinking the badge into the side pocket. Score.

Today i continue work on address matching, a project i had ohhh about a year ago. I'm taking postal addresses and normalizing them into proper form. Beyond that i'm connecting two datasets based on address.

Konsole's got a bug

tags: KDE, Konsole, bug, copy, paste

From the UNIX-is-not-perfect department...

I definitely prefer UNIX, but there are still quicks that really tick me off. Here i'm using Konsole, a KDE terminal. The problem is when i highlight text, it chops out white space at the end of terminal rows. See below for an example.

Here's a screenshot of the terminal. Here's a screenshot of me highlighing some text.

And here's the text that gets pasted. Notice that the space between "the club." and "He's learning" is now gone.

Does this happen with other terminals? Eterm is ok. Rxvt is ok. Xvt is ok. Ok I'm renaming this "article" from "Why UNIX terminals suck" to "Konsole's got a bug".

Next article... why do i see jagged horizontal lines in GTK text fields?

Bug Hunt

Believe you me... no new features on TrickleUp until i fix its bugs. If you find any bugs, please email me. BTW, chronological ordering of articles is not a bug. :)

There is, if only informally

tags: Debian, bug
You can submit your bugs to the Debian maintainers, and they'll handle it appropriately - see bugs.debian.org
parent post: On providing software feedback
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On providing software feedback

I've been using Nagios at work to monitor services across the network. Yesterday's upgrade failed. After fixing that i had some wishes for Nagios that i wanted to pass on. So my question for everyone is do i as (let's pretend i'm) a beginner speak to Debian where i got the software, or directly to Nagios?

On a philosophical note, i've thought about this a bit. I get my software directly from Debian. And Debian gets it from upstream, say Mozilla. Now as an experienced Debian user, i know which bugs are application bug and which ones are packaging bugs. But does the beginner or novice know this? Should they know this? I don't think so. Keeping it simple for the software user would be having a central location where they can provide feedback on software. And it makes sense that this is the place where the they got the software.

Unfortunately this line of thinking implies more work for packagers, namely reading more submissions, evaluating them, and passing some or most of them upstream. In this light, Debian becomes a virtual user of the upstream software. Debian forwards bugs on behalf of the user to upstream.

I'm curious to know if this sort of forwarding communication is built into the Debian structure. I guess not since software providers have various bug reporting interfaces. It would be cool if there Debian could forward bugs to any Bugzilla repository.


To at lunch, i will work on moving these postings into a database. This will facilitate a new feature: reader comments.

I tried install-power4-2.6 from here last night. It still hangs on asking which language i prefer. Though Colin said on the mailing list that usb-discover has been fixed.