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I just spent the last few hours reading a new fascinating blog called Homespun. Being a single math geek, i was hooked when i read about Nash's Equilibrium, Pascal's Wager, and of course thoughts on dating.

Her blog is mostly about philosophy and dating, but also includes politics, cooking, and other life events. It's nice to see a blog with substance, and man can she write!

Having a general interest in philosophy, i took the classes like philosophy of science, philosophy of language, and cognition and perception. But i'm mostly interested artificial intelligence, automata, and computability.

Her was so interesting that i think i'm gonna redirect my efforts here on this website. Instead of building the site itself (ie. the software), i'll write more content, more articles, review, polls, thoughts, etc. I'll open topics on my perspectives, a topic i was trying to ignite on Politics & Minutae. This is the material i'd like to bring to this site: what it means for me to be a Democrat, and how i break with rank and file, my thoughts on the beginning of life, the end of life, and everything between. I may even write about what i consider non-life matters.

Other than that, more technical articles would be ok, like why i think OOP is better than procedural, why IM is better than IRC, and why i select Debian. The "article" i'll start with will be my most recent work, namely this entire site, TrickleUp. I'm sure you want to know the deal about all these flashing boxes. Well it's about function, not form.