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OpenStreetMap @ Telenav – OSM Mapping, R&D and big data

tags: Martijn, Telenav, blog, OSM
screenshot This is Telenav's blog on all things OSM. Our large team of mappers, software engineers and data experts write about their work. We love to hear from you! Visit our main ImproveOSM.org website!

url: http://blog.improveosm.org/en/

type: company, format: blog


Liviu Tudor -- Of Man and Internet

tags: java, Jenkins, blog, tech
Liviu Tudor

I have spent a lot of time in the Java/JVM ecosystem and that’s where my strength lies nowadays. I “dig” Groovy and more recently a bit of Scala too. And node.js. And … the list goes on — my LinkedIn profile might give a better view on this.

I have been known to be involved with open source projects — be it on my own, within the Apache Software Foundation where I am a contributor or more recently with Netflix OSS.

url: https://liviutudor.com/#sthash.g2n7gd2C.dBAEgjpt.dpbs

type: person, format: blog


David Walsh Blog - JavaScript Consultant

My name is David Walsh. I'm a 31-year old web developer and software engineer from Madison, Wisconsin. In the web world I'm:

My expertise and interest lies in front-end technologies, including HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript (as well as frameworks like jQuery, MooTools, and Dojo Toolkit). My server side skills revolve around PHP and Python. I enjoy dabbling in mobile development and edge devices and environments. I focus on open source contributing...

url: https://davidwalsh.name/

type: person, format: blog


Parenting Advice and Parenting Blog | Aha Parenting.com

Aha! Parenting

What is Aha! Parenting? You know what an Aha! Moment is, right? With our child, it’s that lightning flash of insight, when suddenly we see things from another perspective, and everything has the potential to be different. This website has Aha! moments for parents of every age child, from pregnancy right through the teen years.

url: http://www.ahaparenting.com/

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Andrew Harvey's Blog

avatar Andrew Harvey's Blog

url: http://tianjara.net/blog/

type: person, format: blog


Andrew Harvey's Blog | Software Developer, Mapper, Free Culture/Software Supporter, Recreational Cyclist


This blog is now unmaintained since I’ve moved my online precense to http://tianjara.net.

You can also contact me via email, andrewharvey4@gmail.com

I release my code at github, http://github.com/andrewharvey

The content on this blog by Andrew Harvey, unless otherwise noted is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Australia License.

url: https://andrewharvey4.wordpress.com/

type: person, format: blog


Antarctica Starts Here.

tags: Bryce, blog, friend

This is the weblog of the Doctor, who is (in no particular order), a computer geek, a writer, a musician, a mystech, occasionally a coder, a traveler, an adventurer, and is interested in just about everything to some extent.

url: http://drwho.virtadpt.net/

type: person, format: blog



tags: blog, aggregate
9rules logo

9rules is a place where members and readers can connect, build relationships, and learn new things. 9rules started in 2003 with a set of 9 rules:

url: http://9rules.com/

type: none, format: blog



tags: blog, client, web

Blogilo is a Free/Open Source Blogging client, focused on simplicity and usability.

url: http://blogilo.gnufolks.org/

type: project, format: none


Dialogic: 08/01/2008 - 09/01/2008

tags: to read, blog
My Photo

from text Sprouted San Diego-CA. Interpellated Midwest universities. Working borderline South. Searching for viable alternatives. Interested in indymedia, resistance knowledge, revolutionary art/music, radical fictions, magical thought and resistance cultures. In Kathy Acker's novel "Empire of the Senseless" Abhor/Thivai are the two main characters. They resist their horribly diseased society and Dialogic combines the names in order to give expression ...

url: http://dialogic.blogspot.com/2008_08_01_archive.html

type: person, format: blog


Blog | 1976design.com

1976design header screenshot blog of Dunstan Orchard

url: http://1976design.com/blog/

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tags: blog, online, Web 2.0
tumblr logo Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme's HTML.

url: http://www.tumblr.com/

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Strange Maps

tags: maps, blog

url: http://strangemaps.wordpress.com/

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tags: food, wine, blog, local

url: http://www.cellarblog.org/

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tags: science, blog
Science is driving our conversation unlike ever before. From climate change to intelligent design, HIV/AIDS to stem cells, science education to space exploration, science is figuring prominently in our discussions of politics, religion, philosophy, business and the arts. New insights and discoveries in neuroscience, theoretical physics and genetics are revolutionizing our understanding of who are are, where we come from and where we're heading.

url: http://scienceblogs.com/

type: none, format: blog


Beers, Beers, Beers.

tags: beer, blog
We drink beers. We will write about them.

url: http://beersbeersbeers.blogspot.com/

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tags: environment, blog
An organization dedicated to the truth about our environment. The industrialization age came and left with great force, it is now time to shed light on the information age and clean up our filth for the generations to come.

url: http://mrgreenbiz.wordpress.com

type: none, format: blog

I'm Back

tags: blog

After a long hiatus, i'm back. Work has been rough on me for several months, but now it's back to normal. And with the little extra time i have, i'm back to maintaining TrickleUp. I just added x509 (ssl client cert) authentication.

Also i added a bookmark module a la Delicious Scuttle. But i want to roll some of it's new features into superclasses before checking it in.

Re: ur site sucks

tags: Zach, blog, cms

Zach, At first i assumed you were only interested in the appearance of the site, which hasn't changed in two years, but you mention "write something new". Do you not see the article i posted one month before your post?

I'll be glad to "comment" on your custom built CMS that conforms to the lastest web standards, but i couldn't find yours.

parent post: ur site sucks
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After more complaints from a person -- whom i'll keep confidential -- i've added an "post as anonymous feature" to TrickleUp. S/he was right. It should have been there. I just didn't get to it yet.

S/he mentioned that s/he must clear her/his cache and cookies everyday. This is understandable. And i do know it's a pain to request your cookie everyday, so here's the solution. Request it once, you'll get an email with a URL. Bookmark that URL.

And on authentication, yeah i think it's important for a blog. Animosity exists in the world. I would hate to be the host of nasty impersonation. One could easily hurt the reputation of antoher. It's also possible to incite poor relationships.

Other blogging software such as Blogger, LiveJournal, and WordPress already have these features. (I'm not sure about UserLand and MovableType.) They all require a username and password combo. In TrickleUp, i have have that, but i also have a watered down version, called the User Cookie. Here you give me your email address, and i'll give you a cookie that lasts a year.


TrickleUp now has threading. Threading is the organization or articles by their post-comment relationship. In TrickleUp a comment is also a post (geeks: think inheritance), so comments can have comments.


tags: blog, HTML, image tag
Don't use image tags!
parent post: Pumpkin Carving
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In the spirit of becoming a bona fide blog, i've added a new feature. Trackbacks are useful to fellow bloggers. Instead of putting their comments on my blog, they can keep their comments on their blog, and leave a reference on my blog to it.

If you have a minute (and a blog), please help me test this feature. It needs to comply to the Movable Type Trackback Technical Specification.

The trackback URL is down below.

Although others can trackback ping me, i am not yet able to ping them. I need to write more code for that.

In terms of TrickleUp taxonomy, the trackback is an extension of the comment.

TrickleUp is Active

As you can see, the website looks a little different. What you see is the TrickleUp Effect. The top page has or will have a summary of every object on the site.

Every object has a summary and that's all you see on the top page. Lower level pages have more detail. For example the Blog, which you must be looking at now has a longer body. The polls replaces this body with an actual poll. In some time you will see pictures, reviews, etc appear.

Old Articles

I linked in my old articles. Go to the Blog section to see the last 42 articles. And i fixed links in the Thoughts section


I continue to make changes to the underlying structure of this web site towards the ideal TrickleUp i envision. The latest change separating the blog into a webObject::blog and a page::blogPage.

Yes i know my News page is similar to my Blog page, but that will change when the News page shows objects of all types.


Readers may now post comments on articles. You may be wondering why don't i just use some blogging software. "Why reinvent the wheel?"

Well one reason is to exercise my programming abilities. Also, i want a blog that blends seemlessly into the my web site. It can't look like a separate entity in any way. Any blogger i'd use must be fully open source.

WordPress looks interesting, but it uses that pseudo-relational sell-out database MySQL, which doesn't even have support for views, transactions, or foreign-key constraints. PostgreSQL is much better. However when i release my blogging software, it will use ODBC.


Blog entries are now in a database. I've got the hooks for comments. I'll need to create a new table for them. I'll work on that tonight. For now they won't be recursive comments.