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Welcome to BikeArlington

tags: bike, Alrington, NoVa
Bike Arlington logo

Arlington, Virginia is a great place to get around by bicycle. More than one hundred miles of multi-use trails, on-street bike lanes, and designated bike routes make it easy for cyclists to get where they need to go. If you don't have a bike, or don't have it with you, Capital Bikeshare is a convenient option. BikeArlington's goal is to get more Arlingtonians biking more often, whether they're commuting, shopping, or just having fun.

url: http://www.bikearlington.com/

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BBBike @ Washington D.C. - Cycle Route Planner Washington D.C.

tags: DC, bike, OSM, cycle, router

Welcome to BBBike - your cycle journey planner! We'll help you find a nice, safe and short bike route in Washington D.C. and around.

url: http://www.bbbike.org/WashingtonDC/

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Washington Area Bicyclist Association

tags: bike, DC
The mission of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association is to create a healthy, more livable region by promoting bicycling for fun, fitness, and affordable transportation; advocating for better bicycling conditions and transportation choices for a healthier environment, and educating children, adults, and motorists about safe bicycling.

url: http://www.waba.org

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Commuting/Touring Bicycles

This web page is intended to be an aid to persons looking for a serious commuting bicycle. For reasons described below, I recommend a true touring bike for most commuters. Much of the content here comes from members of the rec.bicycles.misc community who've responded to my inquiries, and by others who've come across the page. Special thanks to our contributors!

url: http://www.faughnan.com/touringbike.html

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Weekend Chores

tags: weekend, chores, bike

If you're thinking all i did this weekend was toy on the computer, i have news for you. I locked my bike in one of the new spots in the garage freeing space in my apartment. Finished reading I, Robot and saw the movie. Cleaned the bathroom. I did the laundry and ironed my shirts. I paid bills. And finally, i went to a small barbecuing at Laura's.