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Brickskeller, Mark, Ommegang, beer, tasting


Home - The Flying Barrel

flying barrel logo

Are you looking to make your own beer or wine, but don't know where to start? Do you need to brew a larger batch than your system can handle? Our shop has a fully-equipped brew house where you can make your very own batch. If you’re just starting out, we can even guide you through the process, so you learn more and worry less.

url: https://www.flyingbarrel.com/

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Fair Winds Brewing Company of Northern Virginia USA (703) 372-2001 | Northern Virigina Brewery

tags: Lorton, brewery, beer
Fair Winds logo

We built Fair Winds Brewing Company to provide fresh, local, flavorful craft beers to our neighbors and friends in Fairfax County and throughout Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all; instead we believe that craft beer, like food, should complement the moment and add to the overall experience. Our beers are born from inspiration, crafted with devotion and served with the excitement and anticipation one ...

url: http://www.fairwindsbrewing.com/

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Craft-Beer Pairings for Halloween Candy (2015 Update) | Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

tags: pair, beer, Halloween
Craft-Beer Pairings for Halloween Candy (2015 Update) Primary

Trick-or-treating is about to take on a whole new meaning for grown-ups. We present the 2015 Craft Beer & Brewing candy and craft-beer pairings for Halloween. Love beer and sweets? Download our Best Beer Desserts Guide.

url: http://beerandbrewing.com/VFqm-TEAADQAK9vG/article/craft-beer-pairings-for-halloween-candy-2015-update

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Counting Bubbles and the Poisson Distribution

brewing bubble count poisson graph

I've been counting the number of bubbles seen per minute in the 2 beers i'm currently brewing. After putting them on a chart, it seemed to me they look like a poisson distribution. I'll let you decide for yourself.


Beer Menus - Find Great Beer

tags: beer
BeerMenus A website to show you where to find your favorite beers.

url: https://www.beermenus.com/

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DC Beer - Washington DC, Beers in DC, Beer, Bars, Craft beer, homebrewing, happy hours, beer tastings

tags: DC, beer
DC beer logo

Our Mission: DCBeer seeks to promote and grow the DC area’s craft beer culture through its locally focused beer website and its tasting and educational events.

We do our best to bring our readers information on the latest events, happy hours, beer bar and restaurant openings, and profiles of the many great people making the beer scene possible. We also seek to educate people on the various aspects of beer culture like food and beer pairings, ...

url: http://dcbeer.com/

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DC Beer Week

tags: DC, beer
Beer Week logo

Your source for all things DC Beer Week, August 20 - 28th.

DC Beer Week is a week-long celebration of beer culture in the nation’s capitol. With a line-up that features more than 40 breweries and 30 restaurants, bars and pubs throughout the district.

DC Beer Week 2010 is set to kick off on Sunday, August 22nd with a Pre-Beer Week Party for you true beer geeks at the Rock and Roll Hotel with the City Paper Lagerheads.

url: http://www.dcbeerweek.com/

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Fermented: A Night of True Tales About Beer « SpeakeasyDC

Mike Kane

As part of DC Beer Week, SpeakeasyDC, Washington City Paper and The Big Hunt are teaming up to present Fermented: A Night of True Tales About Beer

url: http://www.speakeasydc.com/2010/08/fermented-a-night-of-true-tales-about-beer/

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BeerTools Beer Making Resources and Home Brewing Recipe Calculator and Formulator

BeerTools Logo The most popular beer recipe archive on the internet has topped 7,500 recipes. We truly appreciate the outstanding support from our dedicated members. These recipes were written by over 2,000 BeerTools users. Feel free to post questions about recipes that grab your attention. Search the recipe database using many different search terms and methods. Find family favorites and award winning recipes alike! Download and perfect recipes with BeerTools Pro.

url: http://www.beertools.com/

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Mad Fox Brewing Company

Mad Fox logo

Mad Fox Brewing Company opened to the public on July 12, 2010. We offer house-brewed beers paired with food made from fresh seasonal and local ingredients. We bake all of our breads in-house.

url: http://madfoxbrewing.wordpress.com/

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Brewing Supplies | Beer and Wine | Jay's Brewing

tags: beer, brewing, store
Jay's Brewing Logo: Brewing Supplies

Jay's Brewing sells home brewing equipment and wine making supplies. Jay's Brewing sells beer kits that are already premeasured and ready to go as well as wine kits that are pure juice! We constantly strive to have the freshest products because we know the fresher the ingredients, the fresher the beer and wine you make will be.

url: http://stores.jaysbrewing.com/StoreFront.bok

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Brewing Notes

tags: beer, brew

I spend a bit of time brewing beer for friends and family. There's nothing worse than finding beer recipes on the Net with little or no commentary on them. I always see these "cake mixes" and wonder: Why is the recipe formulated that way? Why this hop? Why that malt? How did the batch come out? How can it be improved? So, I'm posting some of my favorite recipes with the stories and rationale behind them. I hope you find it not boring enough that ...

url: http://www.tringali.org/brew.html

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hopville . the free online community for homebrewers

tags: beer, brew, recipes
Hopville Logo

Hopville is home to beer recipes and the brewers who make them. Design, edit, save, share, export, search, browse, compile, beg, borrow and steal great beer recipes, whether extract, all-grain, or partial mash.

url: http://hopville.com/

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tags: beer, brew, software
Brewtarget logo

I was fed up with the lack of good open source beer software, so I thought I would make a small application that would do all the calculations for me. Before long, the application had over 10,000 lines, and at that point, I figured that I would just put it up on Sourceforge so that all the work I spent on it could be shared.

url: http://brewtarget.sourceforge.net/

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tags: Justin, friend, beer, KDE

Welcome to my blog, Neomantra.org. In the real world I go by Justin Kirby and work as a bioinformatics analyst focused on helping researchers in the field of radiology utilize open source software to achieve their scientific objectives. The intent of this blog is to provide its visitors with my spin on the world’s happenings with a bias towards discussing technology, music, science and politics. I’ve been getting more involved in open source software...

url: http://neomantra.org/

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Maryland HomeBrew warehouse and online store for home brew and wine making, brew your own supplies.

Maryland HomeBrew logo

Maryland Home Brew is an established business that's been operating out of Columbia, MD, for more than 17 years! It's your warehouse for beer home brewing needs and wine making supplies. Maryland HomeBrew stocks kegs, corks, recipes, and ingredient kits. Enjoy your fermenting and tasting!

url: http://www.mdhb.com

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BeerCamp Philly - November 13, 2009 - Local Brew Fest brought to you by Two Guys on Beer & Indy Hall

beer camp We're kicking off this year's BarCamp Philly with a super fun event: BeerCamp Philly!!! Join Philly's favorite beer drinkers, Johnny Bilotta and Dave Martorana of Two Guys on Beer, for a party like no other!

url: http://beercampphilly.com/

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HomeBrewTalk logo A forum about home brewing. Also see the wiki.

url: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/

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Coopers Homebrew Beer | Home Beer Brewing Kit | Beer Making | Beer Kit

tags: beer, brewing
MakeBeer.net logo Cooper’s World Famous (All-In-One) Microbrewery Kit gives you everything you need to brew your own beer. This beer making kit helps you brew a high quality, natural, great tasting beer every time. At Coopers we have taken the guesswork out of home brewing. Just follow these four simple steps (detailed instructions are also included) and you can make a world class beer.

url: http://makebeer.net/

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Hop Gardening

tags: beer, hops, gardening
Gathering The Hoppe - Freshops Small-Scale Organic Hops Manual is now available for download from Crannog Ales you can download directly from this link The hops growing manual for small-scale and organic producers. (Download: a 26 page PDF document, 804 KB)

url: http://www.freshops.com/gardening.html

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Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales | Off-centered stuff for off-centered people

Dogfish Head bottle cap Welcome to the brand spankin' new Dogfish Head website! We've got many new and improved features for your viewing pleasure, including: * An enhanced BrewFinder map, powered by YOU - the Dogfish community * Our own Community featuring a forum, blog and an "Ask Dogfish" section. Click here to register * Online gallery tours of our brewery and distillery ... we call it the "Peep Show"

url: http://www.dogfish.com/

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RateBeer: The Ultimate Source For All Things Beer

tags: beer, rating, review
ratebeer logo RateBeer is widely recognized as the most accurate and *most-visited source for beer information. RateBeer is an independent world site for craft beer enthusiasts and is dedicated to serving the entire craft beer community through beer education, promotion and outreach.

url: http://ratebeer.com/

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BeerTutor.com Beer Appreciation and Information

tags: beer
beer cap logo What is BeerTutor.com? Simply put, it is a site for beer lovers. We've got a ton of information about beer in our Beer Database where you can research brews, review beers you have tried, and keep track of your favorites. Our advanced software provides powerful searching and sorting features allowing you to find beers based on a wide variety of criteria including things like carbs, calories, bitterness, alcohol percentage, and more.

url: http://www.beertutor.com/

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Savor: An American Craft Beer&Food Experience

tags: beer, tasting
Savor logo A must attend for craft beer aficionados and foodies alike, the second annual SAVOR will offer a memorable craft beer and food experience to a limited number of attendees in the beautiful National Building Museum. SAVOR the experience - enjoy a reception-style sampling of your choice of 35+ sweet and savory appetizers and 120 craft beers from 65 breweries. Converse with the luminaries of the craft beer industry - brewery owners, brewers and representatives will be on-hand...

url: http://www.savorcraftbeer.org/index.html

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Support Your Local Brewery

Beer Activists logo Support Your Local Brewery is a national, grassroots partnership of beer enthusiasts, professional trade associations and brewers dedicated to supporting and protecting the legislative and regulatory interests of small, traditional and independent craft breweries.

url: http://www.supportyourlocalbrewery.org/

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tags: beer
beer-o-vision logo Beer tasting blog

url: http://www.beerovision.com/

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Craft beer in cans- Its about time.

tags: diy, craft, beer, can
From philly.com: Can do- craft-beer makers kicking glass, going metal. I’m so excited about this. Old Chub and Dale’s Pale Ale from Colorado pretty much started it with their wide distribution, and I’m proud that Sly Fox from here in PA is a close second at least here– I’m not sure how far they’re distributed.

url: http://badluckcity.wordpress.com/2007/06/04/craft-beer-in-cans-its-about-time/

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The Wort Hogs

tags: beer, brewing
Our Mission: Advancing the art, science, evaluation and enjoyment of home produced beer and the responsible consumption thereof. We aim to give our members and guests a deeper appreciation of the making and enjoyment of truly exceptional homebrewed beer, mead, and wine.

url: http://www.worthogs.com

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Beers, Beers, Beers.

tags: beer, blog
We drink beers. We will write about them.

url: http://beersbeersbeers.blogspot.com/

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tags: beer, brewing
Derek R. Terrell, owner of myLHBS, previously managed Brew America in Vienna and Merrifield & also brewed at Potomac River Brewing Co. in Chantilly (former makers of Patowmack Pale, Rappahannock Red, Double Nut Brown and Mt. Vernon Porter ales). With over 15 years of experience, Derek opened the area's newest supplier to further serve the needs of homebrewers in Virginia, Maryland and DC & invites you to help him create yourLHBS.

url: http://www.mylhbs.com/

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Good and Bad, Part 2



tags: beer, brewing
TastyBrew.com is an online homebrewing resource and recipe database, complete with recipes, forums, brewing calculators, user journals, and more!

url: http://www.tastybrew.com/

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The Brew Site: The Beer Hacker: Web-based beer brewing software

Well, that future article is finally here, and in surveying the field of online, web-based beer brewing software, I've found three sites that aim to fit that niche, but my overall conclusion is that the field is wide open.

url: http://www.thebrewsite.com/2008/02/07/beer-hacker-web-based-software.php

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You firkin to me?

tags: SBC, beer
Made it to 75th Street Brewery for the Espresso Porter, thanks to the heads up by KC Beer Blog This was my first visit and I was lucky enough to find a place on the street right in front.

url: http://muddymo.blogspot.com/2007/11/you-firkin-to-me.html

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url: http://www.redhook.com/

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Good and Bad, Part 1

good Post Road Pumpkin Ale Has more flavor than Dogfish Head Punkin' Ale
bad Wake-Up Call Coffee Set (Café Sugars) Utterly lacking flavor

Beer Calories, Alcohol, and Carbohydrate Conent

url: http://www.beer100.com/beercalories.htm

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The Barly Blog

tags: beer, brewing
The Barley Blog is quite simply a site dedicated to all things beer. We truly enjoy a quality brew, but realize that there is more to beer. You willll find commentary on advertising, culture, a little home brewing and just about anything else related to beer.

url: http://www.thebarleyblog.com/

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After a long day at work of arduous programming, i come home to do what? Yes more programming. But wait there's a difference. At home, i can sip my beer while waiting for code to compile.

At work today i was able to take the Tiger dataset and draw a map. Tiger comes with only line data, ie. only one dimensional. However for each chain of points there are attributes referring to adjacent polygons. Using tigerpoly.py in the GDAL project i was able to construct the 2 dimensional polygons.

All that data was inserted into a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS installed. PostGIS and GDAL needed a couple patches. Then i wrote a Java program to grab the data using JDBC and drew it using AWT. Sure Java2D is better, but i'm not sure i need it. After all i'm just drawing lines and polygons. Sheesh.

I'm guessing all map data comes from the same source. The Census Bureau. Therefore, even Google (eventually) gets their data from Tiger. How is it different? Well (1) the roads have width proportional to the number of lanes, (2) all the corners are rounded, and (3) their roads are labelled. Those are the major differences in appearance. As for differences in feel, don't get me started.

And on a side note, it's been so long that i almost forgot my password to my own website. Back to dinner (Otter Creek Alpine Ale).

Pondering beer

I actually wrote a lot more, but I guess those parts were not as interesting=) I think my favorite was the rare voss. I really enjoyed Michel and Laurents stories about the history behind the beer, the process of making it, and various anecdotes of events that occur in their day to day lives of the business of beer.
parent post: Belgian Beer Tasting
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was awesome!

Loved the Belgian beer tasting at Brickskeller.

Had a blast at this beer tasting! I actually love Duvel and thought it was yummy. Belgian wittes are my favorite and that Ommegang one hit the spot. Wittes are generally a summer beer and have a very light, refreshing taste as they're brewed with coriander and orange peel.

Really enjoyed meeting and hearing from the Duvel and Ommegang owners who shared with us their beer passion and lots of stories. As the evening went on, I forgot most of the stories but remember the frothy goodness of each beer we sampled.

Left my tasting sheet at the bar in my drunken stupor so my comments are lost forever but glad Mark's thoughts have been shared. Mmmm, beer! --Dana

parent post: Belgian Beer Tasting
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Belgian Beer Tasting

I went to my second Meet in DC event with Mark to a Belgian beer tasting at the Brickskeller.

The event was hosted by Duvel and Ommegang. Duvel owns Ommegang. The CEO of Duvel and president of Ommegang where there speaking about their beers.

I didn't like the Duvel. It was much too sweet and alcoholic. It reminded me of mead.

Ommegang brought several beers, including Rare Vos (sly fox), Witte, Hennepin, and the Three Philosophers. In addition they brought an Aged Hennepin, which is technically the same as Hennepin, but we all agreed it was better. The Rare Vos was medium dark. The Witte was wheaty, which i enjoy. The Hennepin smelled great. And the Three Philosophers was creamy with a small frothy head.

Mark, i have your tasting sheet. He doesn't have a web site yet, so i will convey what he wrote.

Do I have a buzzz or does this taste good; low tolerance; Ha Ha I forgot to write something for this one because I can't tell the difference; Dare I say pungent. I don't kow if it is, but I like the word pungent.

Thank you Mark for your insightful discourse on beer.

Beer List

tags: beer, TrickleUp

Just added a diverse list of beers i've enjoyed over the years.