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55 gallon plastic barrels, steel drums; northern Virginia, southern Maryland

northern Virginia barrel

We currently have the following items available. For more information, please contact us at info(at)novabarrel.com or (202) 744-4865.  Drums may be picked up by prior arrangement from our storage location here.

url: http://novabarrel.com/

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Northern Virginia Rain Barrel Registration

rain barrel A rain barrel is placed under the downspout to collect water from the roof. The rain barrels hold approximately 50 gallons. They are 23 inches wide and range from 41.25 inches to 43.75 inches tall. Rainwater collection can help you save water for use in your yard, eliminate potential flooding in your basement, and reduce stormwater management costs. Water running off your roof during a rainstorm can be a problem or a resource put to good use!

url: http://www.arlingtonenvironment.org/barrel.htm

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