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UBports | A Ubuntu Touch Community

tags: touch, phone, Linux, Ubuntu
Logo of UBports

Ubuntu Touch is the touch-friendly mobile version of the well-loved Ubuntu operating system. Originally designed and developed by Canonical, it now lives on in the UBports community.   Ubuntu Touch offers a completely refreshing approach to the mobile experience. Thanks to the intuitive interface, members of the Ubuntu Touch community report a very 'natural' experience. With a gentle swipe from the edge of the screen, you have access to all of the device...

url: https://ubports.com/

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Tech-Foo: Visualising the Ubuntu Package Repository

package graph

Like most geeks, I like data. I also like making pretty pictures. This weekend, I found a way to make pretty pictures from some data I had lying around.

url: http://tech-foo.blogspot.com/2013/01/visualising-ubuntu-package-repository.html

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Distributions [LWN.net]

LWN.net Logo

Debian and Ubuntu have a set of official membership roles that can be granted to regular contributors. Those roles come with rights that enable the contributors to do their work and to participate in the project governance (elections and other official decision-making processes). It's also a way for the distributions to acknowledge the work done: most contributors are proud of the status they reached.

url: http://lwn.net/Articles/397750/

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